Friday, November 20, 2015

Sometimes HM Doesn't Quite Pick Up What The Pony's Layin' Down

On the way home Thursday, we saw a tree that was canted at a 45-degree angle over a driveway in town.

“Look at that! I wonder if the wind did that Tuesday night, or if it’s been that way all along and we never noticed. Who would park their car in that garage? The tree could fall on it at any minute.”

“The people who live there. Maybe their car roof is dented and scratched. Like a soiled dove.”


“You know what that is, right? A soiled dove? It’s another name for a prostitute.”

“Okay. I wasn’t sure what you were going for.”

I suppose the Pony was just trying to show me how worldly he is. I keep telling him he needs to come out of his shell. To find a companion to walk the hallowed halls of Newmentia with. That I saw one of his buddies lately talking to a little gal while I was on duty.

“That’s his girlfriend.”

“Oh. I didn’t know he had a girlfriend.”

“He does now.”

So, this pair was at my end of the hall for the last couple of days. Human interaction is a curious thing.

“Hey. Your buddy must be the worst boyfriend ever. He walks beside her like she’s a store clerk. He treats her like she’s a business associate. No hand-holding. No lovey-dovey. Once I thought he was going to grab her hand. Or maybe take her books. But no. She seems to be confused.”

“Like a business associate? Money changes hands, and both benefit.”

“Wait a minute! Are you calling her a soiled dove?”

“No, Mother. That’s not what I meant. But when you think about it, the same rule applies.”

He's got a point.


Sioux said...

"Soiled dove"? What kind of weird, old stuff does The Pony watch/read?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Straight from The Pony's mouth:

"Hey! Pony! Where did you learn about a "soiled dove?"

"Quite honestly...I don't remember."

"Did you read about it? See it on TV? What kind of time period are we talking about? The old west? The Middle Ages?"

"I think it was on TV, an old western."

Which would mean The Pony was subjected to it by Farmer H, probably on their recent overnight trip before the SAT subject tests. The Pony is not one to watch old westerns. But he'll swivel his ears when a "soiled dove" is mentioned. AND he made sure to point out that across from their motel was a large sign that said, "Lion's Den Adult Superstore." I don't think it was like The Devil's Playgroud. Although I'm sure it WAS a devil's playground.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Soiled dove, huh? He does have a different vocabulary ... Sounds like my own sweet boy. I suggested we just stay at the Atlanta Airport Motel on the way home from my dad's when I had to take him to the airport. He looked at me really funny and said, "Mom, that is the hourly rate, didn't you see the "Gentlemen's Club next to it?"

Hillbilly Mom said...

Heh, heh. You're not pickin' up what your sweet boy is layin' down, either!