Saturday, November 7, 2015

Let's Hope Word Of This Doesn't Get Out

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom has some classes that work faster than others. There are four sections of the subject. Pupils are not exactly grouped randomly, but rather tracked by their math classes. This is good in some ways, and not so good in others. Topics can be covered in more depth with certain groups, and adjusted for others. Still, the behavior factor means that sometimes, the lesson is over with 5-7 minutes to spare in the more cooperative classes.

Rather than drill the Quickies with enrichment activities, which they see as punishment, extra work for being so efficient, Mrs. HM has been showing them snippets of a movie. It's not the greatest movie, but it grabs the interest of these freshman classes. It involves a bunch of kids going to camp at the space center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Each period that time allows a showing, Mrs. HM has to quiz her pupils on how far they got the last time. It just so happened that on Friday, a class was ready to resume at the part where the future wife of John Travolta is putting makeup on the future mom of Marty McFly, sitting on bunk beds in the dormitory of the camp. The Quickies are quick to pick up on things.

"Okay...anybody remember where you were?" asked Mrs. Hillbilly Mom as she cued up the DVD.

"Yeah. We were at the bedroom scene."

Never a dull moment in Mrs. HM's work day.


Sioux said...

I thought you country folk relied on the farm animals to teach about the birds and the bees.

NOW I see how you folks roll...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Back when the #1 son was in 9th grade, I asked what he did at school one day. He said, "Oh, we just watched one of Mrs. Tomato-Squirter's adult movies." Let the record show that she was not a STAR of such a movie. And that by "adult," #1 was distinguishing it from one of the movies she brought that belonged to her kids.