Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Bad, The Good, The Promising, And The Ugly

Never enough time to shop for the Thanksgiving meal, prepare it, pack up leftovers, wash dishes, use leftovers, wash containers, cook a new meal from the leftovers...


Let's not even talk about my five-day weekend. Jury duty was canceled for Monday. CANCELED! Which I found out Wednesday afternoon at the stroke of 4:00. Necessitating a call to my secretary so she could call my sub so she can enjoy her five-day weekend! Oh, and let's not dwell on the fact that it took me 30 minutes to figure out how to text a colleague who had agreed to trade parking lot duties with me for Monday.

In other news, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom has dipped her great toe into the stream of holiday shopping this evening. More to do, even from a list, but time is sorely lacking. She might be able to scam a few bargains tomorrow on cyber Monday, but not as many as if she had been OFF FOR JURY DUTY and not chosen. A fifty minute planning period is not a lot of time for strolling the virtual aisles to choose just the right gift for each person.

One good blip on Mrs. HM's radar was the statement from the #1 son's college. It is supposed to come on the 25th of each month, but showed up yesterday in her inbox. Seems that the Hillbilly family owes a grand total of -$5,342.67 for Spring 2016! Uh huh. #1 is doing an internship or some such -ship where he works and gets credit for the semester. So we are wondering if his scholarship money will apply to the following semester, or will be issued in check form as previous overages. Such a problem to have.

The Pony is applying for a scholarship that needs lots of documentation and a letter from his counselor. In true Pony fashion (of the past year), the deadline is Friday. He has his parts done, but must rush the counselor's office first thing tomorrow. AND he needs copies of any time he has had newspaper articles written about him. The problem there is that it's limited to 10 pages. But they can be front and back! AND the whole packet needs to be dropped off at a local establishment for the scholarship sponsor. Which is a kind of bar setting. Hope Mrs. Hillbilly Mom and The Pony don't make the front page in this endeavor!

Farmer H volunteered to make the assault on The Devil's Playground this morning. Remembering how much extra work his help usually costs her, Mrs. HM politely declined the offer. He DID rinse out the bowl from the 7-layer salad without permission and without warning. A fact discovered by Mrs. HM when she returned from dealing with the Devil and discovered her sink was clogged with particles of lettuce and green onion. AND Farmer H determined over the course of the afternoon that his creekside cabin has a leak in the roof, as does one of his shanties, the Fishing Lair. He assumes it is just a leak through a nail hole on the roof of each structure. But you know what happens when we assume. I don't know how to lock up my retirement nest egg rocks so Farmer H doesn't sell them out from under me to make repairs.

Even Steven gets me comin' and goin', folks.


Sioux said...

Farmer H better take care of those leaks before the tours start up. I, for one, will not pay $25 to see all of the cabins and sheds and outbuildings while I'm getting rained on--inside!

Hillbilly Mom said...

TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS! Who promised you a discount, Madam? No need to get rained on. On the counter of my proposed handbasket factory, I will be selling those see-through fold-up rain hats. They come in their own little pouch! AND, in case you're thirsty, I will have some collapsible metal cups you can open up to catch the rain. For a price, of course.