Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Think Tank Seems To Think The Worst

On Monday, discussion at the Semi Weekly Meeting of the Newmentia Lunch Time Think Tank was stimulated by a young lass who stopped by to report that while she, herself, had not bagged a deer yet, an acquaintance of hers had.

That led me to ask if anybody had seen the picture in The Missouri Conservationist of the buck brought down by a hunter with his atlatl. That's a primitive weapon that uses a flinging thing to throw a long spear.

That led The Woodsman to tell of how he knew guys who got a deer by throwing a spear at it. "They just stood in the tree stand and threw it."

"You mean they could throw that hard to kill a deer?"

"Actually, I think they just stood in the tree stand and stabbed it as it went under. It was a really long spear."

"We found a leg on our sidewalk this morning." I felt like EF Hutton. They all stopped and looked at me. The Think Tank. Not the pupils. Not-heaven, no! They can't be distracted from their cell phones. But everyone at my table leaned in, mouths hanging open.

"You mean a DEER leg...right?"

"Yes! A deer leg. Of course."

"Okay. Because in your neck of the woods, you never know."

Sweet Gummi Mary! A headless body gets found in a septic tank less than a mile from your Mansion, and people never want to let you live that down!

Here's the evidence:

Let the record show that our dogs salvaged it. The Hillbilly family are not shooters nor stabbers of deer. But our fleabags DO enjoy the spoils.

Note to self: Do not let sweet, sweet Juno lick you this week. And especially do not accidentally chew on her nose.


Sioux said...

Why not let Juno lick you? She loves her deer HM...

(Isn't that amazing that someone could kill a deer with something like that primitive-looking weapon? And to think we're blog-buddies with the family of that young man that did it.)

Hillbilly Mom said...

I see what you did there, Madam.

Small world. I had never heard of an atlatl 'til I read that from the relative. Of course, The Pony knew exactly what I was talking about. I don't expect to read about HIM using an atlatl. I think you need more power than he can muster from a lolling position on the basement couch.