Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sometimes, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom Wishes The Pony Was Just A Little Hoarse

The Pony is a droll fellow. A couple of his teachers have commented how much they enjoy his dry sense of humor. It’s been three years since I had him in class, so I’m not sure what he comes up with. I certainly hope it’s not the stuff I hear at home!

Every week when we brave the vast expanses and general tomfoolery of The Devil’s Playground, The Pony and I reward ourselves with a treat. A treat that The Pony packs down the steps to our dark basement lair. We enjoy our respective treats while watching our TV shows. Sometimes, The Pony goes all out and grabs a 5-lb bag of Gummi Bears. Lately, it has been Pringles Multigrain Sour Cream and Onion. I chose mixed nuts. Not fancy. Just the Great Value brand. More than 50% peanuts.

This is Wednesday. For the past three nights, after The Pony has gone upstairs to shower and RETIRE for the evening, I have reached to my recliner-side table for my tasty treat. Only to find myself more disappointed than Old Mother Hubbard’s dog. Last night, I asked The Pony where he put my Great Value mixed nuts with more than 50% peanuts.

“That’s a good question,” he said.

When I went to plug in my phone on the kitchen counter last night before bed, I saw a Devil’s bag on the table, with the unmistakable shape of a can inside the plastic bag. A can of Great Value mixed nuts with more than 50% peanuts.

On our way out this morning, I caught The Pony with one hand on the doorknob. I tapped my hand on the plastic lid of that can, still inside the plastic bag.

“Hey, Pony! Do you know what this this means?”

He turned, loaded down with his laptop backpack, his lunch, and my red-and-black free Office Max teacher’s bag.

“Sometimes late at night you get a craving to hold the nuts?”

I hope this is not how The Pony has been entertaining his teachers.


Sioux said...

Hmmm. I cannot imagine where he gets that snarky sense of humor.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I know, right? I guess he was just born with it. A throwback. Like Flicka's son Thunderhead in Mary O'Hara's "My Friend Flicka" sequel, "Thunderhead."