Thursday, November 19, 2015

They Call The Wind A Riot

The Pony has a couple of classes in a room I call the ATV room. I know that he’s not riding 4-wheelers around, kicking up mud. That’s just what comes to mind when I think of that place.

The ATV room is not supervised. The kids taking college courses on computer work in there. Some of them are not as responsible as one might think a senior taking a college class might be. This is the room where, The Pony let it slip after a bout of interrogation from me, THE DUST BUNNY INCIDENT occurred. That the reason he had a giant dust bunny in his hair was because he had been sitting under a table so the other pupils would leave him alone.

Earlier this week, several students were hanging out in the ATV room. Allegedly doing their coursework. The Pony felt it necessary to tell the following tale of inappropriate tails.

"I was working on my stuff, but Big Wind and Tooter were just goofing around. Big Wind ripped a really potent fart. We started laughing. Then Tooter farted, too. That room stunk. Big Wind got up and went next door to get Girly. She’s usually in there with us, but she goes in Mrs. Lung’s classroom to get away. Big Wind brought her in, just to make her smell the farts. After two steps inside the door, she yelled that it stunk. She got away. She fanned Mrs. Lung's door to blow it back into the ATV room. But right then, Mrs. Beige came in!

“Sweet Alabama Beige?”

“Uh huh. Mrs. Beige walked in from HER room. From the door on the other side. We didn’t know she was coming! She sat down right next to Tooter. My buddy Curly and I were laughing. We were trying to be quiet, but we were shaking. I don’t know what Mrs. Beige thought.”

“No! That’s terrible. Sweet Alabama Beige is very sensitive! She probably thought you were all laughing at HER! And I bet you won’t go tell her what was really going on, will you?”


“I’m going to explain.” So I did. And Sweet Alabama Beige seemed relieved.

“Yes, I went in there. And all those boys were laughing. You know how kids are. I had no idea what was going on.”

“Well, if you’re like me, you make it a habit to never breathe through your nose at school.”

“That’s right.”

“So at least you were spared THAT indignity.”

Kids. Sweet Alabama Beige and I can’t live WITH them. Yet we can’t EAT without them.


Sioux said...

A roomful of high school students who are not supervised? You guys play fast and loose in Hillmomba...

Sioux said...

I forgot to say: Wasn't that Ed Ames?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Technically, there are usually less than 10 pupils in there, and a door opens into two different adjoining classrooms. So there's always the risk of being caught red-handed at various and sundry shenanigans. AND The Pony knows how to stay safe...sitting under a table.

Yes. Ed Ames. You know your oldies.