Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Choices, Choices, Everywhere...And Not A Decision To Make

The Hillbilly family will be going on a mini vacation in a bit. And we are not sure what to do with Puppy Jack.

Farmer H's oldest son, HOS, will be coming to the Mansion after work each day to feed the mini pony, goat, chickens, and cats and dog(s). We have used this arrangement before. But not with Puppy Jack. Do we leave him out, to play on the porch and romp in the yard, possibly follow Juno on her neighborhood rounds, perhaps being attacked by a big dog, or losing his way home? Do we put him up in his hutch, with only an hour or so to run around while HOS is here feeding the critters?

My favorite gambling aunt says she boards her animals at a local pet facility. They advertise that they take boarders, and also offer pet daycare, and have groomers for all those fancy-dog needs. Auntie says she has dropped in there to see what's going on. That they take the dogs out and play with them. That her pets love it so much she wonders it they really want to come home when she returns from a cruise.

I checked the website and found out that it will cost $24 a night to board a dog. That's if you want him to have a window. Or $20 a night without a window. Seriously. Jack can't even see out a window. AND The Pony and I drove by there today and saw that there's not much to see out a window anyway. That place has more than one building! They have a fenced yard or two with little tunnels and doggie jungle gyms and stuff for the fleabags to play on. You can take your own food to leave for your pet, and their own toys, and bedding if you want. OR the facility will provide them with a cot and a blanket and three choices of pet food.

However...dogs must be up-to-date on their shots. That's the problem. Jack has had ONE shot, and is getting his second one on Tuesday. He can only get one every three weeks until he's had them all. So...I wonder if that place will take him? Surely he's not the first puppy that needed to be boarded. All I can do is ask for a letter from the vet on Tuesday, showing that he's had all that he can have so far.

Another option is that Auntie offered to keep him for four days. I told her he's not housebroken. She DOES have a fenced back yard, but she said, "He can come and go as he pleases through the pet doors. I've cleaned up so much poop in my house, it's not a problem." I am not worried for Jack. I am worried for Auntie. She's no spring chicken. She has had two hip replacement surgeries. I do not want Jack to get under her feet and trip her.

This puppy business is harder than putting a child in daycare!


Kathy's Klothesline said...

They charge more for than I do for a tent site! Of course, I refuse to play with my tenants, or feed them; but all of the amenities of my park are included with their stay. Hmmmmm, maybe I should change my business plan. I do like dogs more than I like people!

Hillbilly Mom said...

That's the ticket! Call yourself a boarding kennel. You already have that requirement for the shots. Of dogs, I mean. But you might need to start one for the people.