Saturday, June 18, 2016

T-Hoe Is Having Issues With His Rear

You know it's been over two years since I told Farmer H that T-Hoe was having issues, right? It may even be THREE years by now. I know I told him at the end of one June that the tire pressure sensors were not working. And the backup beeper. And a couple of other things that pop up on the dash, flashing warnings, every single time I start him up. It's like my disco days again, what with all the flashing lights. Yes. I gave Farmer H plenty of time to take my precious T-Hoe to a dealer near his work, to have his ailments remedied, while I was off for several summers.

In true Farmer H fashion, he did not heed my orders. He let it ride, and let ME ride, along with The Pony, in a possibly dangerous vehicle. Dangerous for any people or cars passing behind me, because there's quite a blind spot when backing a LSUV without a beeper. Don't even mention the word CAMERA, because, well, T-Hoe is growing a bit long in the tooth, and backup cameras were not offered way back in his day, circa 2008, when we acquired him at the double-teamed urging of Farmer H and the #1 son, who wanted all his bells and whistles, even though I insisted we could get something cheaper with fewer options.

So T-Hoe and I have been limping along, because I like him. I really like him. My new Acadia sits in the garage (in Farmer H's spot, heh, heh) for safekeeping. We will be taking A-Cad on our mini-vacation, though. Which does not help T-Hoe regain his youthful vigor. He will hit 100,000 soon. He's just an eyelash short. But he's still active, you know. And with a couple of minor surgeries, he should enjoy a long and useful life.

Today I ran by Save A Lot to get some bananas for Farmer H. He returned from England/France/Germany last night and needs his potassium. I also picked up some onions and corn on the cob and shredded lettuce and salsa and hot dog buns and frozen chicken, and some M&M Brownies for The Pony. I decided I didn't want to push that cart all the way to the cart corral, or back inside the store. So I picked up my bag with bananas and onions, and my box with the rest, and started walking across the road to T-Hoe. I clicked my clicker to unlock and open his back hatch. I heard it ding-ding and saw it open.


Well. That's a fine how-do-you-do from my loyal friend. I tried again. Were the people parked too close to me on the right side messing with me with their own clicker for a 2008 Tahoe? No. It turns out T-Hoe did the exact same thing again. And again when I tried at home in the garage. And again and again and again and again and a couple more, when The Pony came out and climbed over the seat and stuck his head up by the hydraulic thingies to see if he could tell what was wrong.

Farmer H says that while we go on the mini vacation, we will leave T-Hoe with the local car dealer. I told him HE will be taking him in to explain the problems, because that service department will cheat a woman. They even changed the wrong tire on my mom's Trailblazer several years ago, and then charged her for the other one when she took it back! And no, it was not a case of them being TOLD the wrong tire to change, like happened with T-Hoe at Farmer H's favorite auto shop.

Come to think of it...maybe I'd better go along with him.


fishducky said...

By all means, go WITH him!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

It's like watching a toddler, really. You can't take a chance on leaving him unattended.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

When all else fails ... NAG, NAG, NAG! That is how I get things done.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I just tried that with the under-inflated tires on my Acadia. No luck. But a whiny post will result!