Friday, June 10, 2016

Look What I Found On The Front Porch Of The Mansion!

Uh huh! It's a PUPPY NEST!

I opened the door this morning to go have some playtime with Puppy Jack, and caught him in the act of playing without me! Can you believe it! I thought we had a standing playdate for morning and evening. Looks like Jack couldn't wait.

He created his own little space beside the fake dog, with his boneless furry squeaky skunk, his new striped monkey, and of course the freshest corncob from the front yard. Missing are his long purple squeaky dog, his boneless furry squirrel, his knotted rope, and his rawhide chew bone. That's because sweet, sweet Juno took them. More on her another day. Jack's striped monkey is looking a little worse for wear. It's his newest toy, but it gets a lot you say...lovin'! And I mean this in the literal sense of the world. Biblically speaking, Jack KNOWS that monkey. A lot. Every day.

Let the record show that The Pony had just fed him his breakfast, which amounts to about a fourth of a can of moist puppy food. And that last evening, Farmer H had put down Juno's food pan without telling us. Which meant that Jack was free to roam the porch and feed from that dry dogfood buffet to his heart's content. Which The Pony didn't know at the time he set out his supper of about a fourth of a can of moist puppy food. That Jack is a HOUND with a capital H. And every other letter as well. He inhales that food like a junkie with cocaine the night before an intervention!

Jack is looking a little thick in that picture. But take my word for it, he'll burn off those calories with more monkey-lovin'. And he DOES fit in that little space beside the dog. He's just out of his nest because The Pony took this picture for me after our playtime. As you can see, Jack didn't want anybody else sniffing around his nest, or making time with his monkey.

Puppy Jack is growing, but he's not really as big as that fake dog yet! In his case, the camera adds at least one pound.


Sioux said...

Oh yes, I remember those days of romance. We had a foster dog who romanced my winter coat. Repeatedly.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Toni Louise has been known to, um, pleasure herself on the toe of HeWho's boot. While it is on his foot. The only female here, she would seem to be the most unlikely suspect, but there you have it!

Hillbilly Mom said...

You could have thrown it out the window so it landed in a tree, then waited for a portly mailman who could shinny up a tree like a ring-tailed lemur (due to growing up in the Pacific Northwest--even though there are no lemurs there) to claim it for himself.

That is one special doggy! My sweet, sweet Juno would never try such an act on Farmer H's boot! Mainly because he'd say, "Get out of here, Stupid!"