Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Universe Is Filled With Apologists Who Delight In Shining Mrs. Hillbilly Mom On, And Giving Her The Runaround

So...we put T-Hoe in the auto hospital while we were cavorting and farting through Oklahoma for four days. The plan was to get the hail damage (suffered on the way home from a special award assembly at a Newmentia school board meeting back in May) fixed with the insurance money. However, the local dealer's service department wanted more money than what was allowed by the adjuster, so Farmer H said he would take it elsewhere.

T-Hoe was also due to get his tire pressure sensors replaced, and his backup beeper beeping again. Maybe a couple of other things, but I can't remember. The amount quoted by the service department was over $500. Farmer H agreed, and told them to fix T-Hoe. We picked him up Saturday morning, and even though the air conditioner barely worked, I was satisfied with his rejuvenation.

I'd been having issues with the air conditioner off and on. Meaning that sometimes it was off. And sometimes it was on. You never knew when it would start pumping out regular air during a cooling session. I figured it was cycling and trying to stay at the temperature I had set, first getting too cold, then adjusting. But Saturday was REALLY hot. And so was I, trying to drive T-Hoe home. I made a trip out by the bank, leaving him running while I was in line. I even tried putting the windows down to let a gush of heat out, after T-Hoe had been sitting on the blacktop lot for four days. Then I tried the RECIRCULATE button. Still no good. I was dripping sweat when I got back to the Mansion.

I told Farmer H, and he picked up a can of Freon, found his gauges, and charged up my trusty T-Hoe on Sunday. Said the air was running at 48 degrees, maybe, and at 42 after the charge. I don't know. I don't listen to him much. But I do know that when I set T-Hoe on 68 degrees, he blew cool air after that. Mission accomplished. Even though Farmer H at first had said maybe they turned off the air while working on him, or that they set him on a higher temperature. PUH LEASE! As if I'm not smart enough to check those things before driving around for an hour dripping sweat, looking like a heat exhaustion victim.

I was also pleased when I got T-Hoe home on Saturday, when I put him in reverse inside the garage, and heard my backup beeper again! Also on Sunday, when The Pony and I backed out, over by the drop-off on the carport, and he beeped a different tune. But not so much when I got back from the gas station chicken store Monday, because putting T-Hoe in reverse in the garage did not give me a beep.

This morning as I left the garage for the dead-mouse-smelling post office to buy stamps, I did NOT hear a beep. Nary a one. AND the dash told me SERVICE PARK ASSIST.

Well! You can imagine how I immediately set to texting Farmer H, and told him that T-Hoe's beeper was dead, and that we needed to dig our money out of that rathole at the local dealer where we had so trustingly poured it.

Farmer H responded, "Ok they didn't find anything just cleaned connection and said it was working now,"

Are you freakin' kidding me? We paid for them to clean the connections so it would work for two-and-a-half days before going back to being broken like it has been for two years? I reminded Farmer H that the beeper worked great until I took it to his recommended quack service department next to Save A Lot for that noise in the rear end, which they took apart, and also found nothing there, but did work on the front end to fix the noise. AND how I had seen on the innernets that sometimes a 2008 Tahoe has trouble with the beeper if you mess with something when taking apart the rear end.

Something's gotta give. If an authorized dealer's service department can't find out what's wrong with your car's beeper, then WHO CAN? Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, apparently, with only the use of a New Delly and the innernets.

According to Farmer H, the service department didn't take apart T-Hoe's rear end because once they cleaned the sensors, they worked.

Why do I feel like my own personal live-in mechanic is giving me the runaround? And what was all that money for?

I'd better not find one insert from The Good Feet Store stuffed in Farmer H's shoes!


Kathy's Klothesline said...

That would make me hopping mad! And it would make me even madder if HeWho wasn't mad with me!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I wish he had at least called them to embarrass them for their shoddy service. I bet I could fix something to work for two days, too. It's STAYING fixed that's the problem.