Monday, June 6, 2016

Summering At The Mansion

Puppy Jack has been enjoying the taste of freedom of late. He stays out all day, and gets put back in his pen at night for safekeeping against the coyotes. We're not sure he knows enough to stay on the porch overnight.

He took another tumble off the front porch yesterday evening. We were waiting for the insurance adjuster to show up to look at T-Hoe's hail damage, and Jack was prancing around looking at the new toy The Pony was taunting him with. He got his back feet off the edge, and tumbled down about 30 inches to the ground. He seemed okay.

Farmer H took off for the creek on his Gator. Of course Juno ran barking ahead of him. She LOVES it when Farmer H rides the Gator. Jack followed them, but he's a little slower. He ran behind. It's a long way for those short little legs. He waded in the creek up to his belly following Juno across, but couldn't get up the bank on the other side. I saw them come back, and little Jack looked pooped, his tongue lolling out, trailing about 40 feet behind the Gator.

Life is slow here in Hillmomba. Summer at the Mansion. Nothing on the horizon for Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, but college camp and college shopping and college packing and COLLEGE for The Pony.

Life may not be quite so slow in the near future.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Slow is good! Puppy Jack is a worming his way into your heart.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes, he is. But let's not use the word WORMING in a sentence with Puppy Jack!