Thursday, April 13, 2017

Like Jack Rolls In Dirt, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom Is Rolling In...NOT Dirt

I know you're running out of polite comments when I talk about my scratchers. I don't set out in the mid-to-late morning to nab a winning lottery ticket to gloat about. Okay...well...I DO hope to win...but like a Best Actor candidate just happy to be nominated, I'm perfectly content with breaking even and getting my money back to invest again. The fun is in the playing! IS a lot more fun to win $100 than the price of the ticket.

Here's Wednesday's win, on a $20 ticket. My Golden Tickets have stop paying! Can you believe that? It's not that I'm greedy or anything, but you'd think they could keep churning out those $100 winners for me!

I usually don't play the $20 tickets, because I have better luck on EVERYTHING else except the $1 and $2 denominations. But Tuesday, I won $50 on a $10 ticket, and decided to try a $20. I took that winner back to Orb K where I bought it. I don't always trade back in at the same place. But I had a particular ticket in mind, and that's where I imagined buying it.

This one is called 100 Times Lucky. It was released in time for St. Patrick's Day, and has a leprechaun on it. I've tried it a couple times, no luck. It's a giant oversize ticket, made to fold in half. I don't like those kind. They always have that style at Christmas, and I give it a try, then abandon it. Too awkward. But Tuesday night, contemplating my winnings, that's the ticket I was thinking of.

Wednesday I headed off to The Devil's Playground to get food for Easter dinner. I normally go straight to The Devil's door, with a brief stop to visit Mom at the cemetery. Since the workers are out there WORKING all the time now (the NERVE of them!), I figured I'd wait until the weekend for my visit. I also decided to get my ticket on the WAY to town instead of on the way back, when my knees are grumbly from The Devil's tour.

So...into Orb K I went, my $50 winner clutched in my gnarled arthritic hand. I bellied up to the counter and forked it over. WHAT'S THIS? I looked at the ticket display and didn't see my 100 TIMES LUCKY! It's hard to miss. Bright yellow, with green shamrocks. But it wasn't there! What a fine kettle of fish was stuck in THIS sticky wicket!

"That's fifty dollars."

"Do you...have...that big ticket? The 100 Times Lucky?"

"Uh huh."

"Okay. I want one of those, please. And a Frenzy." (The Frenzy is the $10 I won my $1000 on March 31.) "The rest in change."

Whew! Dodged THAT bullet! No way was I going to pick a different ticket. Even though a certain other $20 ticket seemed to glow at me. This was my mission today. The 100 Times Lucky.

Let the record show that my Frenzy ticket was also a winner. For $20.


Apparently Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's luck is transferable. HOS (Farmer H's Oldest Son) won $102 on the tickets I gave him for taking care of Farmer H's mama hen while he was in Sweden.

HOS won $2 on that little $2 Jumbo Bucks, and if you squint at the middle of his 50X The Cash, you can see that  he hit a 5X symbol over a $20 prize.

It behooves one to stay on the good side of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom!


fishducky said...

Which is your good side; left or right?

Kathy's Klothesline said...

maybe you could hire your ticket buying talent out .....

Sioux Roslawski said...

HM--You are a wonderful mother. You are a talented writer. You are a phenomenal goat- and chicken-feeder. You are a devoted and attentive wife.

Is that enough hooey to get on your good side?

Hillbilly Mom said...

The front. Not the back.

Yes! A personal scratch-off ticket shopper!


Sioux Roslawski said...

I forgot to add--Not all of that is hooey. The mother, writer and feeder part are all true...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Sioux 2,
Aww...that's very sweet. I've gotta slack in the wife department to have time for all the rest!