Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sometimes, It's A Matter Of...Like Hillbilly Mom, Like #1 Son

Yes, I got all specific in the title. Had I merely put "Like Mother, Like Son," you might have assumed I was going to talk about something such as the relative indifference The Pony and I both have towards people. As in not really caring if we help them or not. Nothing personal towards those people. We just can't assume responsibility for the safety, security, or happiness of anyone other than ourselves. I don't know if that's an Aquarius thing or not. But Farmer H and the #1 Son (Sagittarians) are both people persons. Outgoing. Remembering their names. Making them feel as if they matter. Meh. Good for Farmer H and #1.

However...#1 is MY son, too! I did his taxes and Turboed them into the innernets Sunday night. I made copies for #1. I put together the affidavit and documents he needs to send in every year due to his identity being stolen his first year of college. Can you believe it? Somebody filed a 1040 using #1's info! And he hadn't even had a job at that time.

Anyhoo...I had the fraud documents ready to go, in their own envelope, already addressed and stamped. All #1 had to do was sign and date the bottom of the first page, lick the flap, and put it in the mail. I think an almost-graduated computer engineer can do that without a major mishap. I stuffed that in a bigger envelope with 21 pages (believe me, I don't think it was worth it, either, to claim the loss of $0.04 in dividends, but a 1099-DIV is nothing to sneeze at) of completed IRS forms, so he would have a copy of his tax return.

Monday morning, I sent #1 a text:

"I am mailing you a big envelope with a copy of your tax return, and a smaller envelope that you have to sign the first page and mail to the IRS fraud division. You are getting back [REDACTED] for a federal refund, and [REDACTED] from Missouri."


"Make sure you put the date as April 2 when you sign."

"I thought the tax deadline was like, the 15th."

Oh, my dear son #1! How familiar he is with my penchant for putting things off! Of course, it doesn't help when he calls the night before the FAFSA is due, to make sure I get right on it lest his scholarship monies might be delayed. This year I didn't really have that excuse, what with FAFSA accepting info from the 2015 tax return, and allowing updates as early as September. I still did it the week before #1's college deadline of February 1st.

A couple minutes after his 15th text, #1 sent another:

"Oh nevermind, I get it now."

"Yeah. It is. But I e-filed your taxes on April 2. So it wouldn't hurt to use that same date."

I didn't have the heart to tell him that THIS YEAR, the tax deadline is April 18th!


Sioux Roslawski said...

HM--You certainly treat your boys like princes. I hope on Mother's Day you get something extra special.

fishducky said...

And you are the Royal Accountant!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Be still my heart! You're setting me up for disappointment when I don't get another $3 change purse and a box of Sno-Caps. Or when I DO!

So it seems! I am the #1 money-doler-outer and bean-counter.