Friday, April 21, 2017

When It Raits, It Pours

WARNNING: Today's post is not edited for typographical errors! Read at your own rish! The keyboard on Shiba in the front living room window is not the same as the keyboard on New Delly down in the dark basement lair.

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom is salty today, my friends. And not in a cute way, like that sweet Morton Salt girl.

The air conditioner decided ot slack off last night. Of coure, Farmer H, who only works Tuesday-ThursdaY NOW, could not be home today, Friday, to deal with the repairmant. Let the record show that we just had work done on this unit December 19. It seems like somehting always goes wrong with the Farmer H-seledcted heatinga nd cooling system every season. You'd think a man with his connections and work experienct could come up with better equipment.

Amnyhooo...Mrs. HM has been left home holding the bag. Mes. H>M. Who rises aounrfd 9:30 every morning. Farmer H had a sissy fit last night on the front porch, hollering when asked a simple question: "Do I need to hang around all day, or can I go get my soda?" See, at tht eime, Farmer H was texting his conenction with the heating and cooling company. Last time, they called to say they were sending a workman from Farmer H's work town. So I knew how to plan my time. Not now. Little Mr. HIssy sotomped off when I told him I was not about to sit ther on the front porch pew and get yelled at for nothing.

This mornign I found a paper plate note that "Later this morning I'm calling the air guys." Huh. I found it at 7:30 a.m.l, whern I got up early for making sure I oculd get the boys letters to town to mail them before 11:00. After three and a half hours of sleep.

Anyhoo...the company called at 10:50 and said they's send someone. He found a burned out fan motor and asked if Farmer H would want to replace it himself. HAHAHAHAHA! He said it with his hand on the doorknob that still hasnte been fixed. So I told him to replace it, and he didn't have one on the truck, so he went back to town for one. And now I'm killing even more of my percious time that is all I have now that i'm RETIRED! Oh, nand he left the system running, and I don't know whow good that is for it without a burned out morote. AND he KNOWS ME because he lives next door to some former students! Have I mentioned that I do not enjoy being a small town celebrity?

Anyhoo...the temperature outside NOW is 47 degrees. I found that out at the un-Not-Heavenly hour of 8:30 when I was getting a 44 oz Diet coke. I kind of had an inkling before seeing T-Hoe's digital mirror reading, bacause Farmer H opened up the windows last night. And left them open whe n he left for work at 6:00 a.m. Did you know that if the air condition doesn't work on our H/C unit, neither does the heat? And now my temperatur INSIDE the Mansion is 67 degrees.

Mrs. Hillbillyh Mom is FREEZIKNG!

But look at the bright side. You've just gottne to read some of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's writing like The Pony and the #1 Son get every week. Because I don't bother to correct my typoing for them, either. Even though it's done on New Delly, and I don't have the Shiba excuse.


fishducky said...

This wsa a nintereesting rea.d!!

Sioux Roslawski said...


Since I am NOT retired, perhaps you'd like me to correct all your typos?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Wow! Do YOU have a Shiba, too?

That sounds like a costly proposition. For my bank account and your vision.