Monday, January 23, 2012

Call The Grammar Police

Okay, I was just watching Hoarders on A & E. Only for a few minutes, mind you. Just to see the state of their houses. Because I have other things to do before Intervention comes on. It's a rich drunk tonight! I love to watch drunks! I hear that her husband locks her in a closet. Anyway...

There I was, buying into the Hoarders premise, actually believing that those show therapists are going to help the poor hoarders, when I was slapped in the face with a jarring bit of jargon from Dr. Robin Zasio, that stick-thin blond overtanned gal who looks like she needs an intervention for binge/purge issues.

Dr. Robin was talking to Jim, an old dude in California who rolls around in a Rascal, perusing piles of junk he has picked up from swap meets. And Dr. Robin made Jim cry! Poor Jim. He feels bad that he will never punch the beat-up, stuffing-leaking-out Everlast heavy bag that litters his dooryard. But wait! That's not the jarring part.

Dr. Robin had the nerve to say, "C'mon, Jim. That stuff is dilapitated!"

Oh no she didn't!!! Dr. Robin, on national TV, said, DILAPITATED.

Sweet Gummi Mary! Ain't no therapist ever gonna help nobody by making up her own words. Dr. Robin! Yoo hoo! Over here! In Hillmomba! That word you want to use is dilapidated. Uh huh. That's right. Roll it around in your mouth, Sugar. There you go. Now stop trying to help people with your miseducated self.

I'm pretty sure that next week, Dr. Robin might reference the Statue of Limitations.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Well, now maybe she will find that there statue in that pile of dilapitated junk!
Perhaps she was trying to dumb it down, you know so as to make the nice man cry. Cause if he didn't get what she was sayin, then it wouldn't make him cry.
It being reality TV and all. I could go on and on....

Hillbilly Mom said...

Jim was a WWII vet. He probably went to college on the GI bill. I think he didn't need Stick Figure Robin to dumb it down for him. Maybe he was bawling over her ignorance. Sadly, I did not see the end of the episode. It might be a rerun this week, before or after the new episode.

I would rather Dr. Robin find a Statue of Limitations than another flat dead cat. That's the most common discovery I've noticed on these shows.

labbie1 said...

Ah yes! The flat dead cats! And the houses usually include an abundance of feces and urine--thank the Gummi Mary that it isn't smell-o-vision.

BTW--what did you miss???? Well, old Jim's yard was put to rights and his building that he had envisioned as a place to work on things--even though you could clearly see through the building and the ceiling was caving in--was demolished.

At the very end of the show was the coup de gras--they opened the door to the house into which we had not yet peeked because the authorities were just making Jim clean up the grounds or be forced to pay when the city cleaned it--and the inside of the house was WORSE than the OUTSIDE!!!! Oh MY!!!! They can get yet another episode out of this one! :)