Sunday, January 22, 2012

Give Hillbilly Mom A Scooby Snack

I have a full week ahead of me in the paid work department. The work around the Mansion just keeps on piling up. I would sweep it under the rug, but that is too much like work.

Monday is my parking lot duty before and after school. In addition, it is my turn for lunch duty all week. The Pony will be staying after school until 5:00 at least three days this week for spelling bee and academic team practice. My classes are both starting new chapters in their brand spankin' new textbooks, so I have to amass materials to accompany them, just like I'm a new teacher again.

From the Mystery, Inc. files, I discovered this morning that a check I made out to our insurance company has never cleared the bank. Which is a bit disturbing, what with a later check for the Mansion insurance to the same establishment already draining the funds from our account. Farmer H was concerned that the mysterious mailbox robber had gotten ahold of it and made it out to himself and cashed it. He's been in the local papers lately, but was finally caught. (The robber, not Farmer H, who has neither been featured in the press, nor apprehended for various shenanigans.) I assured Farmer H that the Mailbox Bandit was not the culprit, since I do not put our outgoing mail in the box with the flag up. Mainly because we have no flag, what with using a green-painted metal pipe that is heavily resistant to bashing with a bat by local nincompoops. And besides, the check has not cleared.

I double-checked my dates, and other bills that I mailed at the same time. No other problems. So I backtracked and searched high and low and BEHOLD! There was the envelope crammed down inside my purse. So I had not actually put it in the mailbox on January 2nd as I imagined. I considered mailing it today, but I was curious about how much leeway I had before it was due. I normally mail those insurance checks as soon as I get them, because it's not like we're going to get out of paying them. It's quite unlikely that a tornado is going to blow away a Ford F-250, a Chrysler Pacifica, and a 1980 Olds Toronado in the three weeks before the payment is due.

So...I brought home the missing payment (which I had discovered on the parking lot of The Devil's Playground while waiting for The Pony to muster strength for our expedition by consuming a sausage biscuit and hash brown) and sliced it open with a paring knife. Seems like it was due on January 19th, which was Thursday. So I'm not that far behind. My mom said she can run it by the local insurance agent's office for me on Monday, since I will be tied up at work until 5:00. That will save a few days over mailing it to the company's bill-receiving address. (But you can bet I'll be prying that stamp off the envelope to use again!) I'm hoping there's a built-in "delinquent by" date past the "due date", and that our record of timely payments and the fortune they receive by being our sole insurance carrier will account for leniency. If not, Farmer H needs to drive extra careful until the matter is sorted out.

I, on the other hand, can be as reckless as I desire, because my T-Hoe's insurance is all paid up until August.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

My insurance agent is wonderful about accepting my checks late and then telling the various agencies that he has had the money all along. I suppose this will insure that he has my business forever. Smart guy, insuring his insurance business.

Hillbilly Mom said...

My mom accomplished her mission. The lady at the counter told her that we needn't have worried. That they would call us if they became concerned over a bill, because we always pay in advance of the due date, and if one became overdue, they would give us a little reminder. Good to know.