Thursday, August 16, 2012

And It Begins

You would think that after 25 years, the first-day jitters would have disappeared. That this teaching business would have become old hat. That such a career educator would be jaded. That first days would have grown stale, much like Halloween and Christmas. The anticipation and unbridled joy dissipated. But you would be wrong.

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom still has butterflies the size of pterodactyls trying to claw their way out of her gullet as that first day dawns bright and clear. The night before is the worst. Once that first bell rings, Mrs. HM swings into gear like a well-oiled machine.

I had a wonderful first day holding court with my students. They were a grand audience for my future stand-up routine.


knancy said...

I loved teaching. This post makes me long for the days when I did. I got to the point where I could just sit (with no books) and spout out all the "stuff" they needed to know and felt good that they were around me listening. Of course, that took several years of teaching and learning how students learn. Sitting in a circle talking together with students about how the body - medically works is astounding. Everyone has a story, you know.

Sioux said...

I am always nervous, too, but it IS the best job around. I have a wonderful class this year AND I have great colleagues at my grade level AND ai've got a new principal who is a dream to work for. He has completely changed the tone of the whole building--for the better. (It really needed it.)

Let us know when your comedy tour begins. Linda and I will come and heckle you.

Chickadee said...

I look forward to reading another year of adventures from the students and teachers.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yeah, sometimes you get a group that you can teach like that.

Nobody knows better than a teacher of freshmen that everybody, indeed, has a story. Which does not mean that all need to be told, each day, between the lesson and the handing out of the assignment.

Sweet Gummi Mary! Surely you and Linda would not ask to be cut to the quick by Mrs. HM's razor-sharp wit!

Look no further. There is one just around the corner.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

New faces. Some to learn, some to torment ......

Hillbilly Mom said...

Let the record show that while some students may attempt to torment ME, I do not retaliate. I may, however, subtly show them the path of least resistance is through the will of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom.