Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Answer Me This

Allow me to pose a somewhat delicate question. But first...a little background information.

Every school year, all members of our faculty and staff convene with a kickoff breakfast. Okay, it's really a district-wide meeting disguised as a breakfast. After consuming our fill of eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy, hash browns, fruit, and cinnamon rolls...we sit for three more hours for various presentations. We then break into our various building configurations to proceed with more specific meetings. Each year, a child sexual abuse presentation is included. I believe it is mandated by the state of Missouri, because detailed records are kept regarding attendance and completion. Which gave rise to my question.

Do the people shown in the slides of these presentations know that their likenesses are being used to illustrate child sexual abuse? Because to me, that seems like its own special kind of abuse. To show the faces of children, while assorted voices detail incidents of abuse, and how the the victim felt. What if somebody recognizes these kids, and says, "Oh, you poor dear. I was so sorry to hear about your abuse. How are you doing now?" What if the mini actor/model has no idea what happened to the pictures after payment was received for some stock photos? Imagine the consternation. And what about the adults pictured as the abusers? Who wants notoriety for being the face of a child predator?

Just curious. Because this year, after the main presentation, we were required to watch two more slideshows online. So a lot of teachers statewide must be watching them as well. That simply screams for a few cases of mistaken identity. If anybody knows how this all plays out, fill me in. I am of the opinion that once somebody buys the rights to your picture, they can use it for what they want. Like in the 2008 presidential campaign, when a girl was upset that a candidate used a stock photo of her in an ad. She had no idea until she saw the commercial. The deed was already done.

My inquiring mind needs to know. Do the photo subjects in child abuse videos know how they are portrayed?


Sioux said...

You pose an interesting question. I don't know the answer, so I will have to research it and get back to you.

I myself have had my "image" taken advantage of. Three years ago, I modeled for a photographer. Now, pictures of me have appeared all over the world, in countless magazines and newspapers, with the name "Halle Berry" attached to the images. I am appalled! Who is this Halle Berry, who is getting THEIR name plastered over my likeness?

So, to protest, I have had to disguise myself. I've let my hair go. I have to eat daily dollops of Nutella. I've had to only mow the leg hair once a month.

It's a horrible sacrifice, but a necessary one...

Hillbilly Mom said...

I am pleased to inform you, after carefully perusing your blog, that your disguise has, indeed, worked.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I had never pondereed this ..... til now. I am curious and will no doubt launch an investigation! I am sitting here wondering if I have ever signed away any images of myself.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Sweet Gummi Mary! I hope we don't see you popping up in ads for Algae-Be-Gone, with a sworn testimonial that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.