Monday, August 13, 2012

My Kingdom For An Efficient Heating And Cooling Company

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE make it stop!

I cannot regale you with first-day-of-school tales this evening, because there are more pressing matters on my plate that Farmer H bit off, and is in the process of chewing.

Remember how we were getting a new cooling unit this morning at 8:00 to replace the one that quit working Thursday evening? Well, we got it. Of course, I was at work. Did I mention that today was my first day of school? No kids yet, though. But a first day of school nonetheless. Farmer H had work. He stayed home to let the new cooling unit in, but had to leave by 9:30 to get to work. That's because he'll be off tomorrow for some surgery in the city. While I will be at my second day of school.

The #1 son and my mom and The Pony had to babysit the Air Conditioner ReplaceMan. What was supposed to take a couple of hours stretched on to 1:30 p.m. Oh, and he had to drive to town to make a part. And at the end, when the new unit wouldn't kick on, he replaced the thermostat. They are not very efficient, I must say. But that's not what we're here to talk about. No.

You would expect your new cooling unit to work. After paying a lot of money a week ago for two pounds of Freon, then having it all gone seven days later, and waiting a weekend to get your AC back by buying half a heat pump. Wouldn't you? Is that too much to ask, after jumping through all those hoops, and forking over cold hard checks?

The Pony and I arrived back at The Mansion at 4:00. He was none too pleased to have missed most of his day at Grandma's house. He trotted down the stairs to assume his position on the couch with his laptop. I heard the beeping of D'Hummi signifying that he was full to the brim. And the squeak of the workshop door as The Pony went through to dispose of D'Hummi's effluence.

"Hey, is there supposed to be water and blue stuff all over the floor of the workshop?"

No. There is not.

Let's leave it there for this evening. I am really not in the mood to type lightheartedly.


Sioux said...

A hot hillbilly is not a happy hillbilly.

Remember: if you commit a felony, no more lesson plans, no more faculty meetings, no more report cards, no more short-order cooking for three "boys."

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes! I could spend my days lounging and reading, and have three meals a day prepared for me. And no responsibilities other than staying alive. Like Sigourney Weaver in A Map of the World.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Somebody's gonna be in trouble .... at least the weather has cooled should you have to resort to open windows.

Hillbilly Mom said...

It has started heating up again here. Farmer H crawled around in the puddle, aided by The Pony holding a flashlight, found the problem, and solved it with a four-inch piece of pipe stopper thingy. He IS a mechanical wizard. He could have built that Mars rover out of bread sack twist-ties, Little Debbie boxes, paperclips, and billiard balls.

Sioux said...

From the sounds of your answer to Kathy, it seems that Hick ensures there is always an abundance of empty Little Debbie boxes?