Friday, August 24, 2012

You Ain't That Sticky And You Ain't That Special

I have been betrayed.

During my 4th hour class today, the class after lunch, full of freshmen eagerly awaiting a 5th hour respite from academia, a reward trip to a local park to commemorate last year's MAP scores...the betrayal manifested itself.

A laminated poster, consisting of two 8.5 x 11 sheets sealed hermetically side by side for eternity, flung himself off my front wall. It was hard to miss. Right there by the door, this sad sack abandoned all hope and took a dive. That he was the face of earthquake emergency procedure did nothing to dissuade him from his hurtful actions. Thank the Gummi Mary, the New Madrid Fault behaved itself for the five minutes Earthy was down. Can you imagine the hubbub if the building had started a-rockin'? All those kids crowding around the Tornado and Fire fellows, earnestly trying to piece together the steps to take to save themselves? All the while, support personnel a-knockin' at the door, questioning why Mrs. Hillbilly Mom was allowing her lambs to self-slaughter?

I shudder to consider the dire consequences that could have resulted from this heinous act.

Scotch Removable Clear Mounting Squares, GET A FREAKIN' GRIP!


Sioux said...

Mr. Blue Tack would not have treated you that way.


Hillbilly Mom said...

That's because he's a citizen of the world. Not just a resident of The Devil's Playground. Oh, how I yearn to get my hot little hands on my very own exotic Mr. Blue Tack...

Melissa said...

You need to get yourself a good hot glue gun. Just don't use it when your principal is around and no one will know the difference. When I started teaching five years ago, we were only permitted to use this special tape that cost $4 a roll (and it was a very small roll). We would put the items up only to come in the next morning with most of the stuff on the floor. Then in came the hot glue teachers. I have joined the group and am not looking back. P.S. Just don't try to remove things when the glue isn't completely cooled or it will take the paint off of the wall, and then you'll have to find something to cover that area.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Something tells me you know how to unlock my new thermostat, too!