Friday, August 31, 2012

Hurricane Isaac Reaches Hillmomba

Sweet Gummi Mary! It's raining cats and dogs out there!

The Pony and I were glad we carried umbrellas into school this morning. Actually, we carried them to keep the light sprinkles off our head. With a summer bereft of rain, you're never quite sure whether you might melt now when struck by precipitation.

As we readied my room to leave Newmentia, I made one last dash to the faculty women's restroom. Not to wash my hair or anything. To use it as intended. When I came back to the classroom, water gushed from the sky in sideways sheets bent on bending our umbrellas. My shirt was nearly whipped up over my head several times. Lucky for me, the wind pressed the umbrella sideways into my head and shoulder, shielding my muffin-top and other bits from prying eyes. Not that anybody was out there in the parking lot. It's the Friday of a three-day weekend, by cracky!

We headed two towns over to pay the Mansion payment. As that astronaut said during the fake moon landing, "What a ride, what a ride!" I took the back roads, so my slower speeds allowed me to actually see out the windshield. The tradeoff was the standing water on the side of the road that created many an upside-down waterfall while dragging T-Hoe off course. My main goal was not to be killed by a falling timber or power line.

I suppose you have surmised by my typing that we survived. But not without casualties to my lovely lady-mullet.

The weeds are already sprouting out of control. I imagine the creeks will overflow and restrict my mobility. But we have rain, doggone it! Even my poor bedraggled Juno seemed to have extra spring in her step when we got home. I'm still trying to figure out why she got off the porch to soak up water like a sponge.

She might be wondering the same thing about me.


Sioux said...

Maybe she wanted to remind you that there is no more distinct smell than the smell of a wet dog.

knancy said...

Nothing like a wet dog kiss! Rain or not.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

As much as we need the rain, Isaac seems to be in cohoots with the powers that be to eliminate my opportunity to turn this weekend into a redeemtion of the lousy summer we have had. 36 cancellations. Then the power went out because some idiot who apparently forgot how to drive in rain hit a pole and outed a transformer. I did not see he who is supposed to be my help-mate on busy weekends until late last night. He made over $400 pulling people out of ditches and towing wrecks. More money than I took in before I lost power and could no longer run plastic.
But we needed that rain!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I don't know. A dead-fish-rolling dog is mighty distinct.

She is a such a loving critter. I'm glad I saved her from accidental starvation at the hands of my mom.

That is a darn shame! I also feel for the lawn-mowers and hay-balers this summer. No wages for those hard workers due to the drought.