Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kicking And Screaming

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom joined the 21st century today, with the help of Scotch Removable Clear Mounting Squares. Who knew that Mrs. HM was so deficient in proper mounting procedure? That she had been required to repeat Mounting 101 as often as a lazy fifteen-year-old, too smart to read the driver's manual, repeats the written driver's test.

This revelation is most certainly not the best-kept secret in Hillmomba. That would be how Mrs. HM has refrained from inflicting bodily harm upon Farmer H for the past twenty-three years. No, the mounting issue has reared its ugly head time and again here at the Hillbilly Mansion. The halls of Newmentia echo with the news of each embarrassing failure of Mrs. HM's mounting techniques. Posters fling themselves off the classroom walls, bent on self-destruction, having abandoned all hope of security.

Scotch Removable Clear Mounting Squares beat Office Supplied Masking Tape to a sticky pulp.

I feel so hip. Like the cat's pajamas.


Sioux said...

Are these squares better than blue tack? I think not.

knancy said...

My BFF who is 65 years old turned me on to these just a couple of weeks ago, and she had been using them for quite awhile. I felt so out of it! But then again, I am a psychedelic relic and tend to run an eternal loop in my brain from years past. Therefore, I understand the term "cat's pajamas".

Hillbilly Mom said...

I have never heard of this blue tack of which you speak. The Devil does not stock it at his Playground.

Believe me, I was originally looking for something called Sticky Tack, which my oldest son used to bring into my classroom from the school bus. He said another kid gave it to him. Which smelled like a conspiracy, designed to get MY boy in trouble for taking it off his teacher's wall.

Well, ain't the two of us just the bee's knees?