Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Case Of Mistaken Identification

We had a discussion at the teacher lunch table today, about a kid who is (allegedly) absent a lot from one class. I don't have that kid this year. I have his brother. And they look just alike. I relayed this information to Arch Nemesis. She was in the midst of declaring that even though she sees this kid in the hall throughout the day, he is absent by the time her class period rolls around.

My fellow faculty agreed. Those boys look alike. Almost identical, except for the two-year age difference. The light bulb went on over Archie's head. Not an actual light bulb. That would take a written work order, an online work order, and approximately 90 days. Archie suddenly got it. That the kid she had been seeing in the hall was the brother, not the actual kid.

At that moment, he walked by. I pointed him out, in his red shirt and close-cropped hair. "See? There he goes now. I have him in my class every morning. That must be who you're seeing in the hall."

Archie gasped. Had I been seated next to her, she would have grabbed my arm for emphasis. As it was, I think the gal between us got the arm-squeezing. "That is incredible! They look exactly alike!"

Yeah. That's what we'd been trying to tell her. After lunch, I stood in the doorway of my classroom. Students strolled past on their way to other classes. There went Brother. I snickered to myself. Wait a minute! Brother was wearing a BLUE shirt! A few minutes later, Kid walked down the hall on his way to Archie's class. Still in the red shirt we'd spied him in at lunch. Sweet Gummi Mary! I had to remedy my false identification faux pas.

I saw Archie come out of the teacher workroom. "Hey! C'mere! That really WAS Kid in the lunch room! I just saw Brother go by wearing a BLUE shirt! They look so much alike that I thought Kid was his own brother!"

Archie got a giggle fit. She chuckled her way down the hall, no doubt to laugh in Kid's face when she signed his absentee slip. I'm glad I had the chance to tip her off.

So she didn't tell Kid that she knew he was really Brother, and trying to trick her.


Sioux said...

We have two sets of twins this year in 3rd grade. One set is identical, the other not at all.

Why did you spoil the fun for your arch nemesis? It sounds like that prank could have gotten milked for a few more months...

Hillbilly Mom said...

She is putty in my hands. I am sure more worthy pranks await me, just around the corner. No need to draw this one out, and have her grow suspicious. Or cause her to lose her good-natured-prankee status.

This mistaken identity was truly an accident. Not a well-planned prank like that time I got the principal to pretend that the whole freshman class was being drug-tested. Those kids started that rumor out of thin air, and by lunchtime, we were ready to call them on it. But that's a tale for another day...