Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Mind Is The Fourth To Go

I think I'm losing my faculties.

Last night, Farmer H had to go back to work after a school fundraiser. That left the animals unfed. The Pony scattered some chicken feed when he gathered eggs, and watered the goats as usual. But Farmer H had neglected to inform The Pony that he would not be home before dark. He called and told me to ask The Pony to put some food in the goat trough.

Night came and went. I thought about the goats around 3:00 a.m. Did I tell The Pony to feed them? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I could not recall. So when I woke Farmer H, I told him he should probably drive over by the goat pen on the way to work, and dump in some food.

On the way home after school, as we came up the driveway, I told The Pony, "You know, the goats almost starved to death last night because of me."

The Pony was indignant. "How could they starve to death when I went over and gave them some scoops of food?"

Well. I guess that mystery is solved. Scooby and the gang can turn the Mystery Machine right around and have a snack. I was sure I forgot to tell The Pony. He disagrees.

I would say that the mind is the first to go. But I think the mind takes a back seat to glossy black hair, knee joint cartilage, and firm womanly curves.

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