Saturday, September 15, 2012

Turn, Turn, Turn

We have a four-day week coming up. The students, that is. We teachers will be resting on our ample rumps Friday, soaking up Common Core Standards like so many badly-coiffed, frumpily-dressed Bounty paper towels soaking up water from the counter of Rosie's Diner. I think it's going to be a long day. If only Rhoda Morgenstern's mom was the official presenter, she could hawk all the paper towels her little heart desired. If she was still alive, of course. I'm not summoning her from the great beyond to liven up our teacher in-service day. That would just be wrong. Kind of like trying to contact JFK with an Ouija Board at an eighth-grade slumber party.

The school year is flying by. We're already at progress report time, halfway through 1st quarter. Next Saturday is the Autumn Equinox. I feel sorry for people who live where there are no differences between seasons. I need to lay in a supply of chili and soup fixins. You know. So I can make Farmer H his tower of vegetable beef soup.

This is my favorite time of year. The slant of the sunlight. The smell of crispy leaves crushed under car tires and feet. Poor Pony. He saw a large cardboard box full of gourds at The Devil's Playground. They were knotty and gnarly and warty, orange, yellow, green, striped, mottled. "That's a funny pumpkin," he said. I had to explain that they were gourds. Not pumpkins. Apparently, gourds are not well-represented in the video game world.

Can Dave Murray's long-range winter forecast be far-off? Heh, heh. I meant far off as in time. But we all know that Dave is usually FAR OFF in terms of predicted precipitation. I don't see how he can face the camera every day. And he's quite generous in grading himself once the season has passed. You folks without access to St. Louis FOX 2 News don't know what you're missing. But you're actually not missing much.

Time to start perusing the channels for It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.


Sioux said...

Yes, the Great Pumpkin--er, the Great Chicken Soup story writer, Linda O'Connell--will be part of a Saturday Writers' workshop in October. Could HM be lured to the Big City for this event?

knancy said...

Time for all those scary movies, too! Won't be long.

Hillbilly Mom said...

It sounds so tempting. Yet HM is a bit of a recluse. Not a brown recluse, as in DEADLY FLESH-EATING VENOMOUS PEST. A homebody. An abhorer of crowds. One who needs a driver with nerves of steel to chauffeur her around the city. So perhaps not. Though she does occasionally make it to Harrah's Casino. Where not much writing instruction takes place.

I don't like many scary movies. Because, well...they're scary! The original Halloween is one of the best. I have the collector's edition DVD celebrating some big anniversary of the release. It still scares me. Especially the part where Michael Myers is in the babysitting house, chasing Jamie Lee Curtis, who is armed with only a knitting needle, and thinks she has killed him, and HE SITS UP FROM THE FLOOR AT THE END OF THE BED!