Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Teachery Kind Of Joke

Okay, I simply have to share this little biology worksheet faux pas with you.

My students were supposed to list three abiotic factors in the environment. For you not-very-sciency folks, abiotic means nonliving. As opposed to biotic factors, which are alive. The textbook gave several abiotic factors, such as sunlight, water, wind, soil, temperature.

A student listed three abiotic factors as: sunlight, water, wine.

That cracked me up. Technically correct. But not quite right.


Sioux said...

I'm glad you helped us with the vocabulary words during this high school science lesson. In third grade, we battle against erroneous thinking, like "Harriet Truman was once president of the United States."

They also believe their old, fat white teacher is a decent rapper.

So much teaching to be done...

knancy said...

Probably from reading too many auto corrected texts.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Let's hope you don't erroneously start rapping about "wine" instead of "wind."

We had an entire class who thought the South won the Civil War. Their reasoning: you see the rebel flag in the back windshields of pickup trucks, and nobody would want show a loser flag.

Or from drinking too much wine. I asked if it was a subconscious cry for help. The student laughed. "Can I change that right now?"