Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Plague Of Stingers And Strikers

You might recall that I had an unwelcome visitor in my classroom last week. A possum-playing scorpion who took my breath away when he had the nerve to start walking and flaunting his stinger when I attempted to scoop up his old dead self on a scrap of paper. Never trust a dead scorpion.

Friday, Arch Nemesis had her own close encounter. With a six-inch serpent. I don't think he was playing possum, though. Archie called for reinforcements to evict her intruder. I only learned about it at the lunch table. Didn't even know it was her until I asked. Because, you see, when you overhear a discussion of a snake in the building, it behooves you to ascertain the proximity of said snake to your own classroom. Which in this case was across the hall and two doors down. Too close for comfort.

The snake charmer declared that while he didn't know exactly what kind of snake he charmed, he was almost positive that it wasn't poisonous. That even though it had markings like a copperhead, it was most likely not one, but rather a harmless garden variety small snake. Oh, and he didn't notice if it had a triangular head or not.

Call me crazy, but I would prefer that my snake charmer deal more in absolutes.


Sioux said...

If he had only gotten close enough to see its pupils, I think he would have been certain...

Hillbilly Mom said...

He was very nonchalant about the whole caper. I must deal in facts and specifics. Not "probablies" and "almosts" and "most likelies."

I guess I might be sorry if the snake was kind of venomous and it somewhat bit him and he possibly got driven at an adequate speed to a hospital-like facility for supposed mildly-urgent treatment.