Tuesday, February 12, 2013

And Two Students Were Using The Copier On My Plan Time

This much I've learned for sure...

When you give a simple assignment in the middle of February, students do not simply answer the questions. You will encounter the following obstacles to your path of clear sailing toward the final bell, all papers graded and recorded.

--the clue you gave that Kelvin was NOT the answer will have fallen on deaf or oppositionally-defiant ears, and all but two papers the entire day will have Kelvin for the answer that should have been Joules.

--two students will leave a multiple choice answer blank, because, apparently, reading five questions is just too taxing, or making a simple decision with a 25% chance of getting the right answer is just too risky

--one student will not put a name on the paper, one student will put last name, first initial on the paper, and one student will put his real first name that he hasn't gone by all year

--one student will turn in her paper with the top side down at the bottom

--tens of students will profess that a glass cup has better insulating qualities that a foam cup, because the book said glass is a good insulator, and is used in thermoses, even though if you asked them to pick up a cup of piping hot chocolate in either a glass with no handle, or foam, 99% would pick the foam, the other 1% being the kind who like to create drama

--even though directions are given at the top of the page to write "TRUE," or write the correct replacement for the italicized word on the blank for the false questions, two students will leave the true questions blank, and write correct words for the false ones

--see above, same directions. Two people will write their correction over the italicized word, and leave the false blanks blank

--see above, same directions. Four students will write "FALSE" without correcting the italicized words

--one student will turn in YESTERDAY'S assignment

Just pulling you down in the trenches with me. I've got the February teacher blues.


Sioux said...

But only three more days and you have a three-day weekend, right?

But then it's a long stretch until a little break, then the fun of MAP and then the end of the school year.

I'm still determined to stump you, by the way...

Chickadee said...

Good grief! Not sure how much hair you have left on your head. I'd want to pull all my hair out with that.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Sweet Gummi Mary! You're right! THREE-DAY WEEKEND a-comin'!

You will no doubt stump me on the simplest of subjects.

I show remarkable restraint, as my full head of hair will attest.