Monday, February 4, 2013

We Might Secretly Be Competing For Cash And Prizes

Here's a little teacher humor.

Our custodial staff fancies themselves godly. I know that, because their cleanliness knows no bounds. I'm surprised the paint is not worn off the walls, and the wax off the floors from the thorough scrubbing they get daily. We ladies appreciate the antiseptic nature of our workplace. However...we could make a few suggestions concerning the timing of the restroom sanitizing.

Seems like every time you need to go, there is a yellow plastic caution thingy set up to warn of wet floors. We do no respect the sanctity of the yellow plastic caution thingy. It's not a police Do Not Cross tape barrier, you know. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, being a woman of great restraint, tries to refrain from crossing the line. Did she not miss a chance at the beginning of sixth hour on Friday, only to try the facility at the other end of the hall by the computer lab where she was holding court? Let me answer for you. Yes. Yes, she did. Tried to dash into the lower lavatory at the end of sixth hour. Only to find another yellow plastic caution thingy there. So she toughed it out until the final bell. Jerry Seinfeld would not have stood for that. It's unhealthy, you know. He would have stood in the corner and done his business in full view of the various camera angles. Not so Mrs. Hillbilly Mom.

Some of my faculty sistren are not so restrained. One dashed past me on the way to the women's faculty restroom this morning. Another going in the opposite direction shouted out a warning.

"Be careful. The floor is all wet."

"Why? Did you pee on it?"

I swear, some days it's like The Last Comic Standing around here.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

You would think they could clean it while everyone was occupied in classrooms. Must be a conspiracy.

Like Blogger seems to have a conspiracy. My blog roll is not showing all my favorite reading material. Bad enough I have one eye out of commission .....

Sioux said...

And do you do a George Costanza when you go to the bathroom?

Hillbilly Mom said...

OUR SENTIMENTS EXACTLY! They not only clean ours, but the student restrooms as well, just before class change. Those poor children have only four minutes between classes to do their business.

Well...not at school. You're never free at school. I also try to refrain from eating out of the wastebasket, and cleaning windshields with newspaper while holding a paper coffee cup.