Friday, February 15, 2013

The Pony Who Says Nay!

Today is the birthday of The Pony.

The birthdays run in the Newmentia announcements each day. The announcements that are read by every 2nd-Hour teacher. Out loud. To their students.

Mr. Kitchen Sink informed me at lunch that he had wished The Pony a happy birthday 3rd Hour. And when students clamored to sing Happy Birthday to him, Mr. Kitchen Sink vetoed the idea. "No need to make the boy more embarrassed than he already is."

I did not know until after school that Ms. Hall End read the announcements 2nd Hour, and let the class sing Happy Birthday to The Pony. Who ducked his head, and involuntarily pumped extra blood to his ears.

Mrs. NotACook casually mentioned that she had seen The Pony in the hall, and told him, "Happy Birthday." Furthermore, she relayed, "When I said that to him, he looked at me like I had three eyes."

Just yesterday, The Pony sneezed during my class. A friend in the back row said, "God bless you. Was that you, Pony? Did you just sneeze?" The Pony shook his head. Denied it. "Oh, of course not. A sneeze is a sign of weakness! Pony would never allow myself to sneeze!"

The Pony. An enigma wrapped in a riddle locked up in a conundrum. Some see him as the freshman Chuck Norris. Others as a simple odd duck.

Happy birthday, my little Pony! Here's to many more years of kicking up your heels.


Sioux said...

Is this the scary birthday, the you-get-to-learn-how-to-drive-now birthday?

Hillbilly Mom said...

YES! And The Pony is NOT chomping at the bit. I told him he IS getting his permit, and he IS learning to drive, and that he's NOT going to be one of those kids who turn 18 and still don't have a license.

He's a bit leery because when younger, he mistook the gas for the brake on the go-kart, and the #1 son, his passenger, had to stomp The Pony's brake foot to avoid driving through the side of the BARn.

Farmer H will be handling the instructor duties.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I don't teach driving. The only way I would is if I had a brake on the passenger side ..... and I would use it!

Happy birthday to your Pony!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Something tells me you would need it. We just returned from CiCi's Pizza, the restaurant of choice for The Pony's birthday dinner. He ate four plates of noodles and played four dollars worth of games. This is the most animated I have seen him since he told me the plot of the latest book he is writing.