Saturday, February 16, 2013

We Are Great Clumsy Apes

Yesterday, I had The Pony take a photo for me, using my phone. "Send it to my email," I said, little-did-I-know-ingly. The phone locked up. It's done that before. Last month, to be precise. At the same time. It's always right after school. I think it's because we get no reception inside the building.

There it was. Dead. The Pony had HIS phone. It's not like I have not survived the major portion of my life without a cell phone. But I wanted it working. I wanted that picture sent. The last time, we tried to call the #1 son at robot practice. Again, a dead zone down in that building.

It's not that The Pony and I are stupid. We knew that we needed to turn off the phone and reboot it. But it was locked up. Not going off. Our next goal was to remove the battery momentarily. But we didn't know how to get the cover off. The Pony said that prying it felt like he was breaking the cover. Sliding it didn't happen. He tried. I tried. Nothing. I thought it might be that clear protective coating #1 applied to it. Upon closer inspection. the coating was not in the crevices where it would impede un-covering.

With robot practice over now, The Pony called #1. "Mom's phone is locked up, and we can't get it to work. We TRIED that! It's locked up. Yes. We know. We don't know how to get the cover off. Oh! Seriously? Yeah. That worked! Okay. Bye."

We had been trying to slide the cover down off the bottom, rather than up off the top.

If we were chimpanzees, we would starve to death while termites teemed in bulging mounds around us, and sticks littered the ground at our feet.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I would have done the same thing .... called my geek son. I gave birth to the boy and he was breech, so he owes me. He was actually the smallest of all my offspring at only 5 lb 2 oz. He had a womb-mate, though and she was bigger by 7 oz. Still, he is my favorite because he doesn't argue with my reasoning, just takes care of things when I ask. I do love that child ......... what weer we talking about?

Sioux said...

Yes, when my son comes home for a visit, he does all sorts of tech things for me--including settting the clock on my car, which is way beyond me.

With all the trouble they cause us as they're growing up, they owe us big time.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Everybody should have one. We teach them how to tell time on a regular clock, and they fix our electronic gewgaws. A fair trade-off, I think. You would be amazed at the number of kids who don't know the meaning of "quarter 'til three" and "half-past" something.

I KNOW HOW TO SET MY CAR CLOCK! Never mind that it has a button labeled "clock." I am an advanced life form.