Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Am Joe's Anger

Today I ventured to the Dollar Tree to look for some crafty supplies for a school project. Little did I know that I was about to walk into a drama in real life.

The minute I stepped into the door, I heard an old lady stating petulantly, "I can't get into my car." At first I assumed she had locked herself out. That she was asking for somebody to produce a coat hanger out of thin air to jimmy the door lock. Or to call the police or a locksmith to help her gain entrance. Then I heard the response.

"That's because you parked over the line!" It was not simply a statement of fact. It was an indictment calling for conviction without trial, and maximum punishment allowed by law.

"Well, I need to get my door open."

"You NEED to go to the eye doctor and get your eyes checked so you won't park over the line!" Such vitriol. I assumed this cranky man was the one who had her blocked in, and that he was attempting to teach her a lesson before going out to move his car.

I really need to stop assuming. It was a green-polo-shirted employee behind the last register. You'd have thought he had some personal stake in this matter. That he was up for a Parking Lot Symmetry of the Year award. Or that he was part of some pranking reality show. There was no need for his hatefulness. He could have calmly pointed out that she would have to wait until that customer was ready to leave. Or he could have announced over the store loudspeaker for the driver to come to the front.

I certainly hope he was not the manager. If so, he needed to report himself, and give himself a stern reprimand.


Sioux said...

I don't know. I wish we had more "Supervisors of Symmetry" around. Too many folks can't park between the lines--don't know if they can color in the lines or not.

Hillbilly Mom said...

At the very moment Angry Joe was berating that little old lady for her parking faux pas, I turned to The Pony and said, "I hope he doesn't see OUR car." Because as we walked in, I commented to The Pony that I was over the line, but I didn't care, because we were way down the row. rage imitates Hillbilly Mom's life.