Saturday, May 18, 2013

Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Summer Vacation

I celebrated by hosting a thumping sinus headache. Then I consciously avoided doing laundry. I washed dirty dishes deposited on the kitchen counter by the #1 son and Farmer H, both at home yesterday with nothing to do but wait for graduation time. Unlike Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, who went to work as usual, dismissed her students early, checked out after a teacher work day, hurried home behind a red Kubota tractor trying to break the land slow record, rested for sixty minutes, then headed back for the graduation ceremony.

I also consciously avoided cleaning the Mansion. It'll be here the rest of my 11-week sabbatical. No need to be so gung-ho the first day. For some reason, that Loretta Lynn song is playing in my head:

Here in Hillmomba, the sinus is a-thumpin'. The floor needs a scrubbin' and the trash needs a dumpin'. One kid's trombonin' and the other's graduatin' and NONE's on the way.

Oh, gee! I'm glad it's three years 'til this happens again.


Sioux said...

Three years until your youngest chick leaves the nest...and don't you retire before that?

Hillbilly Mom said...

No. I have to wait until the year he graduates to retire. I refuse to send him to school in the district where we live. I take him to Newmentia, where I teach, because I think it will give him a better education. Worked for the #1 son.