Monday, December 23, 2013

Life Is Kinda Crazy With A Spooky Little Guy Like You

The Pony and I put the finishing touches on Christmas Shopping 2013 this morning. As we rode T-Hoe down the Mansion driveway, The Pony said, "I see #1."

"Where? On the porch? Why is he outside?"

"No. In his room."

"You can't see him inside his room."

"Uh huh! He was standing in front of the window, wearing a white shirt."

"He was down in the workshop when I called him earlier. That was probably something hanging in his window."

"No...I saw his face."

"Huh. That doesn't mean he'll come out and help us carry things."

"I know."

The Pony bore some of our burden inside while I picked the rest of it out of T-Hoe's rear. When he came back outside, he said, "#1 was in the basement!"

Yeah. Well. Stranger things have happened. #1 came sniffing around the kitchen to find his lunch. I noticed that he was wearing a blue/gray/white striped shirt. A half hour later, after he'd had time to feed, I hollered to him. "Were you upstairs earlier? When we came up the driveway?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"No reason." wasn't a case of an unknown entity observing our arrival. It was a case of a well-known entity observing our arrival, then disappearing before we could ask him to help.


Sioux said...

To ensure there is a ghost of a chance of him helping...

(I know the song, but not the group, and this time, I am NOT going to cheat and google it.)

Yes, when does a teenaged boy move the fastest? When a French Silk pie has been placed in the refrigerator (in my house) or when a vehicle needs to be unloaded of groceries (in your house).

Hillbilly Mom said...

I googled it. I think it's Atlanta Rhythm Section.

Let's not forget about the smell of money. He's like a cartoon Roadrunner when I take out money.