Sunday, June 15, 2014

He Might As Well Work For The TSA

Alas, poor Farmer H spent his Father's Day with only a visit from one of his four sons. The oldest came to see him this morning, but The Veteran is living in Texas now, and the #1 son is off working for nothing at Missouri Boys State, and The Pony is cavorting at a different college campus at Missouri Scholars Academy. I know The Pony sent his dad a text. I am assuming #1 has done the same. Hallmark is really losing money on those four.

My mom sent a bag of stuff home with Farmer H after he mowed her yard Friday evening. She told me on the phone, "I sent back your deviled egg tray that you left at your sister's house, and two of those soup containers that had potato salad in them, and I put in a Father's Day card for Farmer H. It's in the bottom." The next day Mom asked me if I got the bag. Farmer H has a tendency to forget to give things to me. Then when I ask, he remembers they are in his car.

"No. He didn't give me a bag of stuff. I haven't seen it. But he DID tell me to thank you for his Father's Day card."

Yeah. Farmer H rifled through the bag of stuff my mom told him to give to ME, and found his own Father's Day card. Two days early. He's kind of a snoop.

I hope my mom did not send me five dollars.


Sioux said...

Count yourself fortunate. Your mother COULD have sent along some deviled eggs, and if they had been left in Hick's truck for several days...well, that would have made the interior of the truck egg-splosive.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Are you the one who helped The Pony come up with a title for his science fair project a couple years ago? The one where he and his partner tested eggs of different temperatures to see which ones could hold the most weight before cracking? If I remember correctly, their title was: A Pressing Egg-speriment.