Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Training Program Is Showing Limited Success

Last night Farmer H went to his new bowling alley to pre-bowl. He’s been bowling in the area of his workplace this year, because there weren’t enough teams for a league in Hillmomba. Since The Pony has his first Scholar Bowl meet today, Farmer H wanted to be a fan in the stands, thus the pre-bowling.

Farmer H leaves work around 4:15. He said he would grab something to eat at the bowling alley, so The Pony and I were on our own after his practice last night. The Pony wanted Domino’s pizza, which he has not had for over a month, what with visiting his grandma in the hospital quite frequently. We got home with the goods around 6:00. The Pony ate his in the car during the drive. He’s not picky about where he straps on the feedbag. I warmed some pizza while I changed into my comfortable dark-basement-lair-wear. By 6:15 I was seated in front of my New Delly, beginning to compute. And I heard it. The stump stump of footless ankles above my head.

“Pony! Your dad is home. Weren’t you going to give him directions to your meet?”

“Yeah.” Upstairs he trotted.

“Hey! Tell Dad there’s pizza in Frig II if he wants some.”

“He knows. He said he was just making sure he was allowed to have some.”

“Yeah. I already took some out for tomorrow for your snack before the meet.”

See? Farmer H was planning to eat at the bowling alley. I suppose he did. But still wanted some pizza. The point is, HE WAITED TO SEE IF HE WAS ALLOWED BEFORE HE HELPED HIMSELF!

Who said you can’t teach an old goat new tricks?


Sioux Roslawski said...

Why didn't I hear this on the international news? This is earthshattering! A man? A man who is capable of being trained?

This is incredible! You need to retire immediately to hold seminars, so you can teach other women how to do it.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Why DIDN'T you hear this on the international news? There's a conspiracy afoot. A conspiracy run by MEN!

I think I deserve a Nobel Prize for the care and training of the male species.