Saturday, January 9, 2016

I Think We Have Discussed This Issue Before

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom is stewing in her own juices tonight, my friends. Stewing in her own juices, having simmered a big pot of beans and Christmas hambone (by way of the freezer, not like it was sitting out on the back of the stove for two weeks), and baked up a dozen corn muffins. All with expectations of snow gently falling, building up to 4 inches overnight, with temperatures dropping into the teens, and not rising above 20 tomorrow.

But NO! Those dadgum TV meteorologists were wrong AGAIN! Uh huh. Wouldn't it be great to have a job like that? You can toss out any forecast you like, with absolutely no repercussions if it's wrong! Which all of the local channels' meteorologists have accomplished. After I'd made plans to relax Sunday night and sleep in Monday morning, rather than rushing to do my duty and start a new unit with my pupils. Perhaps to loll around the Mansion and watch DVDs with The Pony. Take my time with the laundry.

But NO! Not a flake in sight. The winter weather advisory from this morning (which the National Weather Center says is issued when there is the possibility for 5 inches of snow) having disappeared from the weather website. The standard 1-3 inches being downgraded to <0.01. The snow coverage map on a local news station showing Newmentia smack dab in the middle of the 2-4 inches range having evaporated into the internet. Yet I saw these as merely technical glitches, and still anticipated a 3- or 4-day weekend.

But NO! So much for a paltry single snow day coming from this weather system. At this rate, Newmentia is actually going to get the scheduled day off on MLK Day. Rather than having it ripped from our grasp as it has been for at least 16 of the past 17 years because we had programmed it into the school calendar as our first make-up day.

Yeah. At this rate, Newmentia will actually be on schedule for the last day of school to be May 10th.

Those beans would have tasted SO much better with a layer of snow in the front yard.


Sioux said...

You counted your snowflakes before they fell.

Too bad.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes. I did. And I will continue to count them before they fall. Because this is my last year of HOPING for measurable snow. What fun will that be once I'm retired (in four months, on May 10th)?