Friday, January 1, 2016

The Kid That Keeps On Taking

The #1 son was here for a week over the holidays. Just as he left some things behind that he had meant to take with him when he returned to college town...he also left some things in college town that he had meant to bring with him to the Mansion. That kid is a regular walking talking Reese's Cup commercial.

"Mom. I don't have a house key. I left mine at the house. I meant to bring it. But I forgot. Can I take Dad's off his keyring? I won't have a way to get in when I come home late. Besides, you'll be here when Dad gets home. He won't need a key."

"I guess you can take it. But you're telling him. Not me."

Of course #1 was long gone when Farmer H asked where his key went off his keyring. "Your son needed one. The one you had made for him when we changed the locks is back at his house. I'm worried that you'll lock up the house and he'll get home late and we won't hear him pounding on the door because he won't ring the doorbell because he doesn't know you fixed it after 16 years of brokenness and then we'll find him the next morning frozen on the porch."

"Oh. Okay."

Let the record show that #1 left last Sunday evening. And this morning Farmer H mentioned that he does not have a house key.

"Oh. He must have forgot. When can you get one made?"

"I don't know. I can use the one on my truck keys for now."

Yeah. Go figure. Farmer H has a house key on every keyring. It's not like some grand locking-out emergency. But still. The #1 son is going to have a collection if he keeps being such an absentminded professor.


Sioux said...

My "genius" does the same thing. It's a wonder they remember to put on pants in the morning. Oh, wait. Ian doesn't usually do even that. (He's fond of shorts, even when it's cold.)

Hillbilly Mom said...

You must have saved a fortune on laundry supplies with that boy! Only shorts to wash, taking up half the room of pants, and no shirts whatsoever. I imagine that with all the money you saved, you could afford a bottle of fine screw-top wine AND a corkscrew!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

We did not give our kids keys, just the garage door code. Maybe he is going to make some wind chimes with his key collection, then post it on Pinterest .....

Hillbilly Mom said...

Maybe the solar car needs a key, and he is recycling ours to save costs.