Friday, February 19, 2016

A Chip Off The Old Cracker

Sometimes, The Pony cracks me up. His matter-of-fact comments. Not really meant to entertain. One of his teachers told me that she loves his dry sense of humor. Which is more than likely just The Pony stating his mind, without a filter.

At the end of the day, after catching up on last-minute grading, I try to get my room ready for the next day. That’s because if I don’t, something always comes up that makes me rush to get it done that morning. It’s kind of like a talisman that prevents those unwanted extra things from popping up. Like I’ve learned not to use a sick day, because I always seem to get a new student while I’m gone.

So…I picked up my plan book (where it resides on top of the folder holding my U of I), and told The Pony, “Write this on the board for me: Community Interactions.” The Pony is not noted for his penmanship. But when I ask him to write on the board for me, he can do a passable job of copying my block letters.

I went back to entering scores. When I looked up, I saw a scrawl that may or may not have been English, with questionable spacing, the last word meandering across half a section of 4 x 8 whiteboard. It reminded me of a picture in one of my college psychology texts. The web made by a spider on LSD. “Umm…I can always re-write that on my way out the door.”

The Pony looked up from his laptop. “You can see where I stopped caring.”


Sioux said...

Your son has an extra dose of snarky in him.

I wonder where he got that?

fishducky said...

Sometimes getting your kids to help is NOT such a big help!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I can't imagine! I think those teachers are putting ideas in his head...

Yes, kind of like getting your husband to help put away deer chili in NOT your semi-good fake Tupperware.