Thursday, February 18, 2016

On Its Way To Not-Heaven, The Handbasket Makes A Stop By Mrs. Hillbilly Mom’s Room

What is the world coming to, people, when you can’t set out a simple assignment for the next day, and have it lay there like you placed it? You would think that papers would remain where you put them, unmolested, until you unlocked your classroom door the next day to commence to learnin’ the citizens of tomorrow about sciency stuff and such.

Apparently, that is not something one should assume.

Somehow, the future assignment left by Mrs. Hillbilly Mom WAS molested! Overnight! When it was unsupervised. Left to fend for itself. Unprotected. Who would have thought that stack of papers needed a babysitter? A papersitter. Not Mrs. HM, that’s for sure.

You might know by now how OCD Mrs. HM is about her stuff. Even stuff that technically belongs to Newmentia, but is under the care of Mrs. HM. She tries to be a productive member of Newmentia’s faculty. She does not run extra copies. Only what she needs, plus five. That’s in case somebody loses it, or does poorly and wants to redo it in the afterschool program. Or in case one is sent to the consequences room and it doesn’t get returned.

So imagine Mrs. HM’s consternation, upon entering her learning lair this morning, and finding not the neat stacks of assignments laid out yesterday afternoon, but this:


What in tarnation is going on here? Are there parties after hours? Did somebody set a drink on that stack of assignments, and use it as a coaster? Was somebody having an allergic response, and let a sneeze besmirch those papers? Surely nobody peed in the wastebasket, and used those papers to wipe! Did somebody sit on that stack, and get excited? Drool on it, with anticipation of learning? I can’t figure out what’s going on here.

I don’t even want to THINK about why my jacket draped over the back of my rolly chair was askew…


Sioux said...

It sounds like your favorite Cus has returned... he's returned just to torment you.

I can see the movie version now. It'll be like the movie "Duel." We'll be on the edge of our seat over and over as the two of you battle each other, but we'll never see Cus' face.

fishducky said...

I pity you--the ONLY one living in an imperfect world!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

You would think so. It's possible. Cus is at another facility, which recently relocated RIGHT NEXT DOOR to Newmentia.

I know, right? It's uncanny. Everything happens to ME! And now my future assignments have wet themselves overnight.