Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's Last Snow Hurrah?

Whaugh, whaugh, whaugh, whaugh, whaugh! That's Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, laughing like that wheezy cartoon dog Muttley. It's a combination wheeze and laugh. But leeze leeze leeze leeze leeze didn't look quite right.

Mrs. HM is now the proud possessor of her sixth snow day this year! Not to mention that free half she got last Wednesday. Uh huh. We're off on President's Day. That's a Monday, you know. Mrs. HM's duty day. We were supposed to be off anyway, until we hit the fifth snow day. Joke's on YOU, Newmentia school calendar! We're off anyway. Just like MLK Day was supposed to be our first makeup day, but it snowed on MLK Day! Even Steven is tearing it up this school year.

Here's a picture Farmer H sent me of the blacktop county road, just after he turned onto it coming home from testing out the roads to see if they were slick.

We shall not discuss Farmer H's photo composition today. Of course it is important to show large expanses of sky and Ford F250 4WD Club Cab Long Bed hood in a picture of the road condition.

I would imagine the roads of Newmentia's school district pupils are much the same. For now. With temps supposed to climb into the 50s tomorrow, I fear this will be our last snow day hurrah.

I believe this puts our final day of school on Tuesday, May 17. Three months to go, folks! Mrs. Hillbilly Mom has three months to go until her forever vacation!


Sioux said...

You lucky duck. I hope you got lots done on this snow day, and by lots, I mean lots of fun. Snow days are gift from the gods, and shouldn't be wasted on anything except fun things.

fishducky said...


Hillbilly Mom said...

I love to sleep in until 8:00. I was up until 1:30, giddy with anticipation of not working.

It's so close I can almost taste it. It's spicy, like a plate of super nachos!