Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Not A Day Late And Not A Cookie Cake Short

The Pony and I went shopping for a cookie cake on Saturday. His birthday was looming, and that's all he asked for. We had to look on Saturday because the snow was coming on Sunday, and we planned to be out of school due to the accumulation on Monday. The Hillbilly family is always prepared.

The problem with looking for a cookie cake on a Saturday before a storm rolls in, with Valentine's Day on Sunday, is that The Devil's Playground has already been ransacked for cookie cakes.

All week long, The Pony told me, "Mom. Don't forget my cookie cake."

"I won't. It's all you asked for. I know you got those computer games, but I feel bad that I don't have other gifts for you."

"Mom. It's all right. I wanted those games, and I saw they were on sale. I just want a cookie cake."

"I won't forget."

So when we saw the weather forecast on Friday, I made sure my little Pony would not go without a cookie cake for his birthday.

"We'll do the shopping Saturday. And let's go ahead and get your cookie cake. I don't care if you have it early. You'll have time to eat it while we're snowed in."


So we did our business with The Devil. As I picked up bananas and lettuce and apples, The Pony trotted over to the cart with a loaf of Italian bread. "Hey, Mom. Do you think we should get the cookie cake now?"

"Yes. While we're here by the bakery."

"Okay. I know right where they are." Off he went. And returned empty-handed. I resisted the urge to say Why the long face? That is frowned upon by the equine population. "They don't have any." Seldom have I seen The Pony so dejected.

"We'll go by Country Mart on the way home. They have cookie cakes. You can get one there."

"Oh. Okay."

Upon bakery table perusal at Country Mart, we saw a stack of cookie cakes. Or so we though. Upon closer inspection, they were flat brownie cakes. My poor little Pony.

"Why don't you go check over where they take the cake orders? They might have one in the case. If not, we can order one, and have Dad pick it up tomorrow. He always gets out in the snow to see how bad it is."

"No. That's okay. We can get one another time."

"NO! It's for your birthday. You shouldn't have to wait. You don't even want anything written on it. We'll get one somehow...LOOK! On that table! I see a cookie cake!"

Actually, there were three. One in a heart shape with icing. One plain with icing piped around the edge. And one with white icing covering it. The Pony unstacked the rimmed cookie cake to get to the one with icing.

"Oh. No. Just no."

"PONY! You are going to get it! We are not waiting until after your birthday. I know you want one with icing! That part will come off. It's just plastic."

"Okay then."

Happy Birthday yesterday, Pony.

You got the day off from school like you wanted, and a delicious cookie cake!


fishducky said...

What exactly is a cookie cake?

Sioux said...

Hello, Pony.

Hello Kitty.

I hope he had a good one.

Hillbilly Mom said...

A cookie cake is a big flat soft chocolate chip cookie, about a half-inch thick, with frosting on top, and perhaps a message of "Happy Birthday, Pony!" to kids who care about that stuff.

As far as anyone could tell. The Pony is not given to bursts of joy that are detectable.