Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Maiden Voyage

You know how ships make a maiden voyage, their first trip out to sea? And how a horse who has never won a race is called a maiden? Well...The Pony isn't a ship. And he's not in a race. But today, he made his first drive in his Ford Ranger by himself!

Oh, he didn't get out on the blacktop or go to town. Okay, a few feet on the blacktop. Just to turn around and come back up the gravel road. But still, it's progress!

The mail comes on Saturday afternoon. I was not making a trip to town today, and we can't leave the mail in EmBee overnight, because Saturday night is like a whole passel o' witching hours to those ne'er-do-well mailbox bashers who have been known to push over the entire mailbox row wooden condo that EmBee lives in. We couldn't take a chance on some valuable correspondence (like that mailer from the casino that Mrs. Hillbilly Mom got yesterday, telling her that folks over 50 can get a casino buffet for half price, or buy one/get one free, on Monday through Thursday). They'd better stock up on vittles after my retirement!

The Pony volunteered to drive down and get the mail. Hey! It's a mile there and a mile back! It's not like he went to the end of the driveway. And he even GOT DRESSED to do it!

I think there might be hope for The Pony to go away to college, and not live in the Mansion basement and have Mrs. HM drive him to junior college!


Sioux said...

The Pony is spreading his wings. Soon, he will be out of the nest. (What are ponies called when they have the ability to fly?)

fishducky said...

Our baby's growing up!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Um...the logo for TriStar Pictures? Winged Pegasus? Certainly not a horsefly!

YES! And just this morning, on the way to the Devil's Playground, he lamented the fact that his father won't fix the hot tub, because HE WOULD LIKE TO INVITE SOME GIRLS OUT! I am afraid he has ulterior motives...