Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hillmomba Royalty

The queen rests upon her throne, surveying her subjects and her kingdom...

Oh, how I wish that was me! The queen upon her throne. Not THIS particular throne. And not the bathroom type of throne. You know what I mean. But all I have is this picture of our cat, Dusty, atop a highchair that Farmer H picked up from the end of someone's driveway many months ago.

Yeah. He HAD to have that highchair. And two other regular chairs, too. That are still sitting at the end of the porch. Like this one, on the side porch. Just a cat climber. Being weathered to look far worse than that early spring day he found it along the road. You might see some of his other treasures jammed into the shelves in the background. I've lost track of Farmer H's stuff. And I don't dare dispose of it.

This was a mailbox cat. We found her and five others down by the creek, dumped out by Mailbox Row. Young #1 son persuaded Farmer H to let us take in three of them. They are not my favorites. Have never been friendly. This is probably the best of those three, which also include Simba the tan tiger-stripe who almost lost an eye in a fight, and Stockings the black-and-white tuxedo cat who sashays his oversized rump in a come-hither manner for our male canines. Not sure what's goin' on there, but Tank the Beagle and now Puppy Jack have had a more-than-passing interest in him.

Our good cats, Genius and Snuggles, have gone to the big farm in the sky. Or in Snuggles's case, perhaps to the house of the neighbor we think of as that creepy Anthony Perkins dude in Psycho.

I don't actually begrudge Dusty her throne. It would be really uncomfortable for me.


Sioux said...

Thankfully, with Farmer H around, your cats will never run out of chairs and tables and whatever else he drags home...

And just think: when he retires, he can be trolling for treasures 24/7!

fishducky said...

Has Farmer H ever built a cat house? (And yes, I know what that means!!)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes, our cats will forever have furniture to perch upon. I think I will tell Farmer H that you are looking for some good finds to re-furnish your house...and that you might want him to build you a shack or two.

No. But the #1 son did, out of cardboard boxes when he was 7, and he DIDN'T know what that means! Imagine my shock when I asked where he'd been, and he said, "Building a cat house."

Kathy's Klothesline said...

That chair is an antique! I am surprised that Hick does not have a house of chairs, he could combine it with the cat house.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'll have to break the news to Farmer H that Antiques Roadshow will lessen its value for the cat-claw marks.