Thursday, November 3, 2016

It Was A Cop, My Fright, In A Black-And-White, Slowin' Down To Take A Look At Me

I went to town today at 11:00, and was home by noon. Since I fed the animals at 9:00 a.m. yesterday because I knew I'd be home late after my trip you-know-where with my favorite gambling aunt...I went straight over there to feed them when I got back. No need to make their rumbly tummies wait until evening.

While I was entering Farmer H's Shackytown, I heard a car up on the gravel road. I was in a white shirt, barely behind the tree line, and peered through the trunks to see a black-and-white police car (mostly black, with white writing on the side that said POLICE) on the way out of Hillmomba. It slowed way down when it got in front of our property. Then I figured the cop must have seen me walking, and was wondering what I was doing. Even though last time I checked, it's not against the law to feed your livestock at noon.

The police car actually stopped a minute, then went on. I was puzzled, because we are five miles outside the city limits. Police don't come out here. If you've got trouble, you have to call the county, and they'll send a deputy. Depending on the crime, you might also get some highway patrol officers. We haven't called the law since that time the first guy said he was going to shoot Farmer H, and it was a county deputy who showed up for his statement, and subsequently arrested that shooter-threatener when he told the deputy he would shoot HIM too! The point is that the law does not patrol our private landowners association property.

Then I wondered if somebody had stuff stolen. Still, the POLICE wouldn't be the ones to investigate. We have a guy who lives out here who works for another township's police department. But I don't think he drives his official car home. I was running all that through my mind as I fed the goat and mini pony, then forgot about it until I got to my dark basement lair and fired up New Delly.

There on the local online newspaper was a banner at the top, about a body found in an SUV following an arrest after a highway pursuit. The driver was arrested around 11:30, but a passenger had fled on foot. So I suppose that cop had been up in here looking for a fugitive, Hillmomba being less than 10 miles from the area of the crash, probably less as the crow flies or the perp walks.

Perhaps Mrs. Hillbilly Mom should move to a safer locale, like the edge of an active volcano.


Sioux said...

But you took it easy... you took it easy?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes. I figured I may lose, or I may win, but I would never be there again.