Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mrs. HM's Current Nemesis

The creature who gives me (and my Sweet, Sweet Juno) fits creeps ever closer. He used to run when I got near the end of the driveway. Or run when I opened the front door. Now he has grown bold. Just this afternoon, he came up behind me while I was walking IN MY OWN DRIVEWAY, mind you...and BARKED. When I said, "NO!" and "GIT!" he did not seem to grasp the urgency of my command. He stood and stared. Even when I said, "BAD DOG!" he stood his ground.

That's what I'm talkin' about! Is this a breed? Is he a mix? He looks pretty strong to me. I am positive he could outrun me. And pretty sure his teeth are sharper than my tongue. Copper (for lack of an introduction, I call him by his color) comes and goes at will. He answers to no man. Or woman. And only this morning, I saw him in the front yard,


Let the record show that Jack looked quite embarrassed. He is used to being the humper. He tucked his tail under and slunk away as he could, ending up at the hose holder, kind of cowering under it where Copper couldn't get to him. I call shenanigans! That ruthless brute should not be coming into my yard and humping Puppy Jack!

It's times like this that I wish Farmer H had gotten me a male german shepherd pup instead of (or along WITH, now that I've grown to love him) my half-heeler half dachshund. They are protective of property, I read. The females are protective of the family and kids. I want a guard dog, I guess.

Probably a sign saying "NO HUMPERS ALLOWED" would not be effective, you think?


Sioux said...

I think, since you're getting Jack to stay on his side of the fence, that perhaps you need to speak to Copper's owner.

And if they can't control their dog, go after it with a paint gun or something else that will be a deterrent.

Poor Jack. To be the receiver instead of the giver.

fishducky said...

Or the humpee instead of the humper!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Well, I'm getting Jack to stay on his side of the ROAD. Copper is the side neighbor's dog. Jack goes over there to chase rabbits in the brush. That's the next training session.

Alas...Jack had a big muddy paw print in the middle of his back today. I guess he was not assuming the position quick enough.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Wasp spray. Carry it with you and everytime that intruder comes on your property squirt him. I love dogs and would never really try to injure one .... unless I was afraid for me or my dogs. Hit him on the flank if you can so that when he inspects his "injury" he will get a taste of nasty stuff. Hopefully he will come to associate your borders with getting sprayed and stay away. He does look like he could do some serious damage to a person if he wanted to. Do you even know his owner?

Hillbilly Mom said...

We know the owners, Farmer H went to school with them. They are reasonable people. We don't want to make waves. We'd rather just shoot their dog quietly (WITH A BB GUN!) and let the situation work itself out. This one doesn't scare me like the across-the-road neighbor's psycho dogs who attack Juno (my Sweet, Sweet). Better safe than sorry, though. I don't let my guard down with him.