Monday, November 21, 2016

Still Here, Not Forgetten

I have a busy few days ahead of me, so I make no promises on the quality of the Mansion tales. There will, however, be quantity. I still plan to post every day.

My Sweet, Sweet Juno has been overshadowed by Puppy Jack since his arrival the first week of May. So I have a sweet, sweet picture of my Sweet, Sweet Juno. It was taken in June 2014.

That's my good girl. She would never run under the neighbor's electric fence and bark at their horses. She would never climb up on the trunk of Farmer H's 1980 Oldsmobile Toronado and take a crap on his trunk. She would never unroll a garden hose over by the well. She would never eat the cedar shake shingles off The Pony's Sword Shack. She would never chase Farmer H's turkey until she scared the feathers off him.

It's circumstantial evidence, my dear Mom! Really! I just came over to investigate, and that's when you came home. You can put that phone away now. Really. No need to ever speak of this again.

We think my Sweet, Sweet Juno is half lab and half border collie. We rescued her from my mom, who was slowly starving her to death after somebody dumped her out at Mom's house. Even though the #1 son was instrumental in our strong-armed adoption, Sweet, Sweet Juno has always been MY dog. She loves me. What's not to love?

Back in July 2014, I had a little bit of outpatient surgery. Look who was right there to greet me as soon as I arrived home.

Pretty sure the look of compassion in Sweet, Sweet Juno's eye is more than I glimpsed in that of Farmer H.

You're my special gal, Juno. We only took Jack so you would have a companion. Really.


fishducky said...

I've noticed you never talk about your sweet, sweet Farmer H that way--why is that?

Sioux said...

Juno IS a sweetie, and I know, because I actually got to pet her lustrous fur and gaze into her amber eyes.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Sweet, sweet Juno is Toni Louise's look alike. I showed the picture at the beginning of your post to HeWho. He wanted to know when I took the picture. Wonder what they would do if they met!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Because he doesn't give me that look that says I am the center of his world.

Her fur has been especially lustrous over the past couple of days. And she is perfumed from the cedar chips that stick to her side.

Uh huh. I think the same thing. Not only do you have my husband's clone, you also have my dog's doppelganger! If they met, Sweet, Sweet Juno would be shy. She would bark and retreat, but keep a watchful eye. Jack would run out and yip, but then try to frolic, which he does by leaping like a torpedo, and then nipping at ears and face.