Monday, December 26, 2016

Jack LOVES The Scent Of Horse In The Afternoon

Puppy Jack looks forward to my afternoon walks. He always runs to greet me at the side porch, looking from hand to hand to see if I have his shock collar. He knows that means "walkies." Never mind that Jack runs free, and can go to the end of the driveway and back any time he wants, and that I don't put a leash on him. He likes the companionship, I guess. Likes the walk to be official, which means Mr. Shocky is around his neck. He even stands with his paws on my shoulders until he hears it click.

Since the first week of using Mr. Shocky, Jack has been more controllable. I could only tell twice that Jack was bitten by the electricity. Otherwise, he seems to think that the BEEP of the collar that I gave as a warning to obey, or get to the upcoming shock, means that he should come running to me. And he does.

Wednesday afternoon, I had my hands full. I was carrying a full trash bag and three cardboard soda cases. I realized after I got down the steps that I had left Jack's shock collar laying on the kitchen counter. I saw no reason to climb the steps to get it.

"Sorry, Jack. No collar. We'll be fine without it today."

Jack looked disappointed, but when he saw that I was still headed under the carport towards the driveway, he perked up. So did my Sweet, Sweet Juno. Especially when I tilted over the dumpster and she heard its wheels bumping on the gravel. She barked with joy and jostled her shoulder against Jack, both of them accompanying me up the driveway.

Juno lays down in the yard and waits until my last lap. Jack runs hither and yon, always investigating. On this afternoon, the first trip up the driveway, he saw the small horse of the neighbor. They have three, a white, a bay, and one that's not a pony, but looks like a small, perfectly-proportioned bay horse. These horses are chill. They usually lower their head and give Jack the eye. They are not excitable. On this afternoon, the small bay turned to go back down the field toward their house. It was in the midst of some cedar trees. I know Jack saw the movement. I figure that's what set him off.


That's how Jack leaps when he's chasing something. Otherwise he stretches out and runs low to the ground. But when there's prey involved, he's a hopper.


When Jack is wearing Mr. Shocky, he stops. He turns to look at me. Then he runs to me. This time, Jack kept going. No second look. No FIRST look. No remorse. He knew full well that Mr. Shocky was not around his neck.

I'm beginning to think Jack is smarter than I give him credit for.


fishducky said...

Maybe you should change his name to Einstein!!

Sioux said...

And although I've never smelled napalm, I understand it smells good in the morning...

Unless that is NOT where the title comes from.

Have you thought about leaving the shock collar on Hick--I mean Jack--all day, and just taking it off at night to charge?

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I think you might be right!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I think The Pony might consider Jack to be one of HIS PEOPLE!

Yes, that's where the title comes from. I can't leave Mr. Shocky on Jack if I'm not around. He jumps in the fish pond when the mood suits him (even in cold weather), and takes off into Copper's field. He would either get electrocuted, or hung on a weedy limb. Plus, Juno bites at Mr. Shocky as they're playing. I swear she turns it off.

He's just stubborn, I've come to find out, not stupid.