Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Mom Doth Anthropomorphize Too Much

Oh, here's a nice cute story about Puppy Jack. But be forewarned, my friends, that storm clouds are gathering! Have gathered, in fact, and dumped a deluge on Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's head. That storm report may appear here, or on my not-so-super-secret blog. Stay tuned.

Yesterday, after about 32 oz of Diet Coke, and Tuesday's gas station chicken breast and thigh...I went out to take the trash dumpster to the end of the driveway. The dogs knew it was time for walkies. They get quite excited at the prospect, and even more excited about biting and growling at each other while jostling for position nearest me. Oh, and they know that when I'm done, they'll have their evening snack. Last night's snack menu happened to be the remains of the Thanksgiving ham, and the wings of Tuesday's gas station chicken.

Puppy Jack is always so happy to see me! He runs to greet me on the side porch, and puts his paws on my shoulders so I can click Mr. Shocky around his neck. Which perhaps speaks volumes to the effectiveness of Mr. Shocky. Anyhoo...Jack has been better-behaved since Mr. Shocky's inception. The minute I say, "Jack, NO!" and click that beeper, he comes running back to me. MOST of the time. Yesterday he was very good.

When I get to the end of the driveway to turn around, I stop to lean over and pet Jack if he's with me. He waits expectantly in my way if I forget our GOOD BOY time. Yesterday I leaned over to pat his back, while he stood with his front legs against my thighs. Oh, sweet puppy, how I appreciate your unconditional love!

Jack was a bit baffled by my gloves. The temperature was 25, and the weather site said it felt like 20. I had on three layers, a sock cap, and gloves that I originally bought for the #1 Son, but he liked the second pair better. Jack always runs to me for confirmation of his goodboyness after I caution him  or use the beeper. He prances around on his hind legs to touch my fingers with his rubbery dog nose. There is nothing cuter than a long little doggie hopping around on his hind legs (blog buddy Kathy, you know what I'm talkin' about!). With the gloves on, Jack was missing his nose-to-flesh contact. So I thought nothing was amiss with his extra attention to my face.

I have to be careful with Jack, because he likes to lick my teeth with his extra-long tongue. But last evening, he was a good boy. As I was bent over at the end of the driveway, marveling at Jack's devotion, him stretching his neck up and snuffling at my hit me.


So much for his loving devotion...


Sioux said...

Yeah, but it's still unconditional love... a love of fried chicken.

fishducky said...

We all have someone (or something) that we love best!!

Sioux said...

The title--a little Shakespeare? Ain't you high-falutin' today!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

A smart little guy, your Puppy Jack! Cujo likes it when HeWho brings home a crème horn to bribe me with. He cleans any falling bits off my front!

Hillbilly Mom said...

The dogs love it when they greet me carrying in my 8-piece box. They trot around the porch smugly, knowing that they'll have remains for a couple of days. Those people who say dogs have no sense of time are full of it.

Yes, I AM highfalutin! Just another rich thread in my tapestry.

I at least hope I'm in Jack's top ten!

My dad used to bring home creme horns every now and then, when he didn't bring those creme puffs with their chocolate icing. I would have eaten the crumbs off your front!