Monday, February 20, 2017

Both Sighed Now

Soft and silky spotted fur
Now and then wrapped ‘round a bur
Covering a precious cur
I yearn for pups like that

But now my hope is sadly gone
The pup that spotted fur is on
Won’t be romping on my lawn
Or chasing my three cats

I’m wishing I had not known now
About sweet Pepper, yet somehow
I’m glad she found a home, y’all
Even though we didn’t get the call.

Farmer H tried. He really tried to get me that little dog Pepper. The one who looks just like Jack, same mix. As of last night, the lady who put Pepper on Facebook to give away (!) said she was deciding who would get her.

Well. This morning all the way through noon, and shortly thereafter...I felt like I should throw some snacks in my briefcase and head off to the office to work on the Penske file. You know. Like George Costanza did, even though he didn't know if he really had a job or not. 

Farmer H said that the Pepper lady had put on Facebook: "Thanks to everyone who showed an interest in Pepper. Pepper will be ready for PPU this afternoon." And that was IT! So we had a debate over what PPU could mean. Farmer H thought it might be for "Possible Pick Up." I thought it might be the initials of the person who had been selected to adopt Pepper. But really...who would put all three initials on there for something like that?

"I gave her my phone number. I sent a message that my wife really wants Pepper."

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure we didn't get her. I'd hate to think that we're supposed to pick her up, though, and don't know about it."

"Here. Just in case. I'll send her another one. 'I still don't know if I get Pepper. If I'm the one, let me know the time and place to meet you, and I'll be there.' I can't do much else besides that."

"Yeah. That just seems really strange, the way she put that PPU on there for everybody to see, without us knowing what it means."

"She has my phone number. If she calls, I'll go meet her. I have some fence ready to put up for a little pen at night."

"Probably somebody got Pepper to keep inside. That's good for Pepper. It's what she's used to. I just really wanted her."

"I know. It is what it is. There'll be other dogs."

Don't I know it! Every week, I check the Pound Pups section of the paper. This week, there were 9 cats and 3 pit bull mixes. Sorry. I'm not adopting one of those.


Sioux said...

Aha! I saw what you did there. More Joni in the title. (I liked Judy Collins' cover as well.)

I'm sorry about Pepper. It's terrible when we make sure there's room in our hearts to someone else, only to later find out there was no need. No new addition. No new cuddle-bun.

(Could PPU stand for "puppy pick up"?)

fishducky said...

So sorry you didn't get her!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yeah, I did that especially for you!

We have no idea what PPU stands for! You'd think she could have put the person's name, or some clue, as to who was getting Pepper. If she called them, she could just as easily have told them THEN when Pepper was available, in stead of putting those cryptic letters on Facebook.

I told Juno and Jack on the porch this evening, as I hugged them both (not easy to do at once, with them jockeying for position, trying to shunt the other away)..."Aren't we one big happy family? We were ALMOST one BIGGER happy family. Or at least a bigger, NOT QUITE AS HAPPY family, since you guys would not have been as glad to have Pepper as I would!"

Me too! But there must have been a reason. Either for Pepper, or for us. We were looking for a puppy when we got Jack, you know! We'll find one.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

So hard to get your hopes up, only to have them smashed!

Hillbilly Mom said...

You ain't a-woofin'!